Monday, January 27, 2014

Great pics of Jacob in Romanian snowstorm!!


Hello my beautiful family!

Well I guess that winter has finally hit Romania! It has been a crazy
week and has been snowing hard since Friday.. and I am freezing! The
weird thing is that is was starting to get warmer and then a huge
storm came out of nowhere. So I have a lot of good pictures to send this

So this week.. let’s see. On Tuesday we had our first English class
which was awesome! We had a total of about 30 people come which is
still a ton! I love teaching English and it’s one of very few times
where I can really get to know people and talk to them. It’s great and
I think the people who come like how we teach even though we aren’t the
best English teachers.

On Wednesday I don’t remember exactly what we did but we contacted a lot. haha

On Thursday we had district meeting and also the ZL's came to have an
exchange with us. District meeting was really good and I think our
district works really well together. We come up with a lot of good
ideas on things we can do during the week. Also the exchange with the
ZL's went pretty well. I was with Elder Hokkanen from Finland. He’s
really different but still a good Elder. We went survey contacting which
I have never done before. We walked around and asked people if they
could take a 10 question survey about "intrebarele sufletului"
(questions of the soul). We then asked them simple questions about
religion and got some pretty cool responses. It was just another way
to tell people who we are and what we believe.

Friday is when it started to snow like crazy. We had a long day in the
snow and then Friday night activity. We did a spiritual thought on the
importance of prayer and then played uno!!! We had 2 people show up.

On Saturday we had English again which was great as always. Not as
many people came due to the weather but it was still a good turnout.
Also on Saturday we went to the hospital again just like last time!!!
I love hospital contacting. There’s always the nicest people there. We
 had a chance to sing to a lot of families. The stickers are
great too because they love them and it’s a good way to break the
barrier when we walk into the rooms.

Sunday we had a decent amount of people at church. Our guest speaker
Didn’t come probably because of the weather so we had to fill in a lot
of time. We are starting the Old Testament in Sunday school so that’s
always fun. After church we had a lot of time on our hands to spare.
Elder Brundage and I decided to go block knocking which we are not
huge fans of doing. We did this HUGE block with like 70 doors and not
one of them even let us speak. Some of them got really mad at us
because it was Sunday and apparently that was not ok. haha We took it
lightly and laughed about it later. So yeah, block knocking isn’t the
best. On the way back to the apartment we helped a few people shovel
snow or get their car un-stuck.

That’s about it. We have President coming this week for interviews and
I am giving a talk next week. Other than that just more finding and
trying not to freeze. Love you all. This Church is true and it makes
me so happy to be able to serve and love people. Have a great week!

Elder Mayans

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Adventures Continue.....


This is Elder Mayans signing in on another week. #RomaniaMission ha
Sorry I don’t like starting the e-mails the same way every week.

So, the past week was wonderful. I feel like this week we have made a
lot of progress in helping Craiova stay alive.

Starting at the beginning of the week we had Zone Training meeting so
we had to go down to Bucuresti again. Elder Brundage and I had to do a
presentation on testifying while finding. Usually the meetings are
kinda boring so we made sure it was fun but still had the spirit. I
could tell that the ZL's were not very happy because they are a little
serious but President Hill was there and he loved it so it couldn’t
have been that bad. I though it was a good meeting over all.

So for the rest of the week we have been hitting the streets a lot and
trying to meet up with some people. On Thursday this week during
correlation, President Spooner made a little Craiova district goal to
try and reach a certain number of contacts a day so that we don’t just
walk around. We are also still strivng to get the in-active members back
so we can get the branch back. The contacting is going great and we
are we are talking to more people but as far a in-active members go, we
called all the ones we could and they can’t or said to never call back
again. sooo.. yeah the branch is kinda hard. On Friday we did have a
great Friday night activity. We had Tony show up and also this lady
named Dorina. We played charades and ate some food. It was really
simple but a really successful activity. Tony is a cool guy who hasn’t
been going to church but goes to activities sometimes. I think he
likes me because he’s really nice to me but not very nice to other
missionaries. haha So I invited him to church and for the first time
that I’ve been here he came!!

Which brings me to the next thing I want to talk about. So you know
how there have been  about 2 members going to church every week. Well
yesterday we had 17 people at church!!!!!! It was amazing. It felt so
good to have people there. We also had 2 Americans from the district
council come and speak. Since Tony was there he translated thank
goodness. it was really cool to see people at church and it was
probably one of the best Sundays I have had out here so far. We also
had a member come who lives about 2 hours away. It was the first time
I have met him and he’s was a really nice guy. He has written a few
books and is pretty well known.

Other than that it was a really quick week. We have English classes
starting up again tomorrow so we will see how that goes. I’m really
happy where this transfer is going. i am having so much fun and
working really hard. I miss those Sunday naps I use to have because I
almost didn’t make it yesterday. haha Well the church is true and it is
a great time to be a missionary in Romania. I now the the Lord loves
these people so much and he is helping me touch the hearts of the
people here. I love you all and hope everyone is happy and has a good

Elder Mayans

Monday, January 13, 2014

Romanian Life


Hello Family!!!!!

How is everyone doing!!! It has been an amazing week in the mission
life and I feel like these weeks fly by so fast. So to start off this
week was transfers so it consisted of a lot of traveling. On Wednesday
we went down to Bucuresti so that I could get my new district and head
back to Craiova. And my new district is fun and has a lot of
character. So as I told you before, my new companion is Elder Brundage
and he is awesome. One thing I have been really thankful for is
getting great companions. It started to get a little rough serving
with my last companion last transfer and things weren’t moving very much but now it should be great!! Actually Elder Brundage is from Gilbert AZ
and knows Truman Halliday pretty well. Small world. Anyways, I’m really
excited to work with him and I already know its going to be a great

As for the other members of the district, There’s Sora Newell who is in
her forth transfer. She is really funny and has a lot of dry humor
which makes me laugh. She’s training Sora Wright who has been in the
country for about 4 days. haha The only way i can describe her is
straight out of the MTC. She is SUPER excited and happy. She’s also
really hyper and talks really fast but she’s great. If you thought I
talked fast you should hear this girl. Holy cow. So that’s it for the
district. I feel like its a really good district for Craiova and there
is plenty of stuff to be done here.

Now as for the week. Well it’s a new transfer so that means English
classes are starting up again in 2 week. We are making sure we are
passing out plenty of cards and putting up posters to advertise. More
than 50% of the missions success is from English classes so its
important that we get a lot of people there. Also on Thursday night
we, as a district had correlation meeting at President Spooners
apartment. We are still really trying to get all of these less active
members to come back to church. We had one member this week tell us he would go to church and also that family from the hospital said they
want to come too. Unfortunately yesterday nobody showed up. So I don’t
really know what to do but we will try to contact them and get them to
come again. Also at church I am now the new translator when President
or Sora Spooner speaks. Let me tell you it was so hard! haha When your
up there translating, all the pressure is on you. haha They say
something and no matter if it’s right or wrong something is coming out
of your mouth a few seconds later. It’s really hard to translate for me
because you don’t just directly translate word for word from English to
Romanian. I did fine I think and got the majority right. My brain was
fried afterwards though because I had to translate a talk and all of
Sunday school.

Other than that I have just been living the good life and loving the
mission. For the past weeks I haven't seen the sun but now the past 2
days its been clear skies and sunny. If winter is over here than that
was the easiest winter ever. Its beautiful here and its crazy to think
that I have almost been through all the seasons here in Romania.

Love you all. Have another great week and write me if you can. It’s
always great to get E-mails and I will try to respond.

The Church is true.

Elder Mayans

Monday, January 6, 2014

Elder Mayans this week in Romania


Hello everyone!!!

Well, another week has gone by and I have a few new things that have
happened. First off transfer boards came out this week and there are a
lot of big changes. So I am staying here and everyone else is leaving!
Crazy right. So I’m getting a new companion, Elder Brundage, and the
Sisters in Craiova are getting whitewashed. I don’t know what to think
except for that it will be interesting. Pretty much Craiova is
starting over again. ha I’m really excited to work with Elder Brundage.
He is going to be in his 4th transfer. He is a really nice guy and a
hard worker so we should do well together. I will now be the oldest
missionary in my district which is a first. Everything is going way too
fast and I still feel like I just got here.

So this past week has been a little rough. Elder Degraw and I are fine
but I feel like we don’t work the best together so I think a change is
good and we will get more done next transfer. This week the Spooners
came beck from being in America for the holidays. It’s really nice to
have them back and now there are more people at church. I really like
them and I feel like if they weren’t here then they would probably take missionaries out of Craiova.

Because this was the last week of the transfer, we had our last
English class which went really good. We gave 3 copies of the Book
of Mormon out and everyone enjoys us. Because we told them that
everyone is leaving and I’m staying, everyone was like aww you the
chief now. haha We had two lessons planned this week, one with an
english student and the other with Bogdan, a guy we met in a bloc. Those
both fell through which was a bummer because they are super nice
people. I know this mission is really hard but I don’t get it sometimes
because some of these people are the coolest people I have ever met.
They love us to death and they love to talk to us but they don’t want
anything to do with the church. It’s weird because I feel like I have a
hundred of friends all around the city but I don’t have any
investigatiors. Anyway, thats more of the depressing stuff so I will
stop talking about that. haha I know all I can do is keep trying and
try my best.

So for New Years we had permission so stay up till 12! It was amazing.
We went on the roof of the Block and watched Romania go absolutely
crazy at midnight. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
There were fireworks everywhere and the whole city just lit up. It was
like something I have never seen. Romania knows how to celebrate the
right way. haha

Also this week we went back to the hospital and visited the kids and
their families again. I think we are going to continue doing that
because we have found the most success in doing that. It is really cool
now because we are kinda known in the hospital and when we come
everyone says hello and treats us like kings. They are always so happy
when we come. We still sang hyms and we also gave a little message
about Heavenly Fathers Plan. We got 3 numbers out of it so it was
really successful.

Well I love you all! From the emails it looks like everyone had a good
New Years and is doing great. I am so happy out here and this church
is so true. I love it and I love being a missionary. Have a great
week. Miss you and love you all!!!

Elder Mayans

 I miss Chester a lot but I have a lot of dogs to keep me company!!!!
This is my friend who lives at the park.
Also the group picture is at the hospital.