Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jacobs last letter at the MTC


Heeeeeeelllllllooooooooo family and friends!!!!!

So this is it!!! This is the last email I will be sending you guys in the MTC!!! I have loved the MTC so much!!! I have made a lot of really good friends here and because I have been with them every hour of the day I am able to get to know them very well and feel their spirit. So this week has been soo good! I am continuing to grow every day with the language of the spirit and Romanian.

So first off I got my travel plans so I will start off with that!!! Wooooohooo
Ok, so we are leaving next Monday morning. We have to be at Salt Lake City airport at 5 in the morning. Our flight takes off at 8:42 AM. Then we are going to Chicago and have a lay over there for a few hours and then we fly to Amsterdam, Netherlands at 4:10 PM. We arrive at 6:55 AM. Then finally we fly to Bucharest at 9:20 AM and arrive at 1:05 PM

Hopefully that makes sense. So back to this week. This week has been a little bit different. I am continuing to learn so much gospel Doctrine and how to teach. Also, we are still teaching our investigators in Romanian everyday which I look forward to so much. I am continuing to learn and grow every single day.

So after we all good out travel plans, it really made us realize that we will be in Romania before we know it. With that in mind, it is really easy so stress out about the language and stuff but I know that stressing out isn’t going to help me at all. All I can do is try my best and the Lord will do the rest. I know this is true and I have to trust in the Lord so much. Last week I had an answer to my prayers when I was feeling a little down about not being prepared enough. So I got the impression that I should write down a bunch of verbs on flash cards. I looked in my grammar book and chose about 200 verbs that are really useful and important. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but for some reason, I have been able to memorize so much more and it has really helped me. Also, when my district saw that I did this, all of them ended up doing the exact same thing. Ha-ha! So it hasn’t just helped me. I ended up laminating the cards and they are always in my front pocket everywhere I go so I can study whenever I have time.

Zone leader is still going great. It hasn’t been too hard and it’s just been really nice to meet my entire zone more. We have such a good zone I cant stop saying that. Like I already said, I go to a few meetings a week and they teach us how to lead. I always get so much out of those meetings and it teaches me how to be a better leader. The main thing we learn is to have Christ like attributes. When Christ was on the earth, he always taught with love. It’s very important to love everyone no matter what, even if you don’t get along with them very well.

Lastly, something funny happened this week that I though I would share. So after devotional every Tuesday night we have a district testimony meeting. I’m always so tired after a long day and after devotional but the testimony meetings are filled with the spirit that I always walk out of them very awake and with the spirit. Anyway, this week we decided to have the meeting outside in the very back of the MTC campus. So while someone was baring their testimony, we heard these two little boys on the other side of the fence screaming at each other at the top of their lungs because they didn’t want to take out the trash. I don’t remember exactly what they said but the spirit was so strong and then all of the sudden they started yelling. It was very funny.

Again, thank you so much! I love you guys so much. I’m so blessed to have such a good family and very close friends. I hope all of you guys are doing well and are happy. I am so happy to me a missionary and serve the Lord. Bye!


Thank you for the packages mom!!! I love them and my favorite part was Sarah’s letter! Ha-ha it was so cute.
-So I will call you at the airport1 it will probably be when I am in Chicago but I’ll let you know. Make sure you guys have your phone on you so you don’t miss my call!!
-And the phone is so nice! Ha-ha I thought pre paid phones were really cheap. It wasn’t too much money was is? And is it ok that I just throw it away after I'm done?

-Love you!

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