Monday, October 14, 2013

Jacob in Romania this week


Before I write you guys, I’ll answer your questions.

So first off, living in another country, especially Romania, is so
different. I have come to realize that the Romania mission is very
different from other missions. Yes, we still have the same purpose of
sharing the Gospel, but even from reading Will and Ryans emails, its
really different. Because of such a low success rate, contacting 8
hours a day is kinda pointless now. We still contact a lot but
President has now told us to do other things. Things that don’t even
sound like missionary work but can provide us with different
opportunities to share a message. For example, this week we went to a
basketball court and played basketball and when ever people passed by
we would invite them to play with us. Then if they did we could tell
them who we were and it makes it a lot less threatening.

But to answer your question, yes it makes me appreciate home a lot
more but at the same time I love the culture over here. Everyone kinda
does what they want and minds their own business. It’s cool to see how
they communicate with each other. The hardest thing is that we can’t ask
anybody to do anything for us because they have no money to spend.
Even church activities that are put on around the country are too
expensive. The church gives them some money to help them but it’s still
not enough. My testimony has definitely changed in different ways. It
has made me realize that no matter who they are they deserve to hear
the gospel. It has given me the opportunity to love the people of Romania.

So to start off with some big news!!! Transfer boards came out last
Saturday and something is happening to me. I am now leaving the city
of Galati and going to Craiova. Craiova is more on the south west part
of the country. My new companion will be Elder Harris. I have never
heard of him and not too many people know him. He is younger than I am so I will now be the Senior companion. I don’t know what to expect because it’s a new city and a new companion but I’m excited and it should be great.

This week, Elder Whitehead and I have done a few things. We did a lot
of contacting and block knocking. While contacting on Friday, we had
two girls invite us to go to a club with them. They really wanted us
to go with them and we laughed and told them we can’t do that. Haha.  We
also got a few numbers and passed out a Book of Mormon. We have tried
to contact them but they will not answer us now. A little frustrating
but that’s the way it is. Block knocking was a no success, we only got
into one block this week, all the others the people wouldn't even let
us in.

Also, Elder Whitehead and I were walking back out of the block, on I think
Friday and a big car accident happened right next to us when we were
on the sidewalk. It was crazy because it was so close but we were
right there to help out. We pushed both of the cars from the middle of
the street to the curb. One of the guys had a bloody face but was ok.
That was our little service for the day.

Yesterday was my last Sunday in Galati. It was fast and testimony
meeting so I got up and gave what they call my dying testimony. It was
hard to say good by to the members because I have known them for quite
some time. They all said I need to come back to Galati in the future.

That’s about it for this week. I love you all so much and as you can
see I’m busy but doing great. I love being a missionary and serving the
Lord. I will update you on everything that happens next week.

Elder Mayans

P.S. That is awesome about Abuelo. 

. Tell him I love you for me.

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