Monday, October 28, 2013

Jacob in Romania

Family!!!!                                                      10-28-2013

How is everyone doing!!?? It was a really good week this week. It went
by really slow but a lot of things happened.

Like I mentioned last week I had Zone training meeting last week. It
was a really good meeting and my new zone is different but really
strong and big. Well, big compared to other zones in the mission.

So, this week Craiova has been crazy. Every year on the last week of
October, Craiova does a huge festival. It is really cool so see the
culture of the people. There have been a lot of concerts going on as
well as a lot of people on the streets selling things. The city is a
lot more alive which has been really nice for us because there are
a lot more people around to talk to.

We made a sign for English class and have been walking around with it. It’s a little weird but it has been a huge success. We have had a
lot of people run up to us and talk to us about it. Sometimes it’s not
as good because they are drunk, but it’s ok. We talked to one guy for
about a half hour. He was a really big talker but it was really cool
to get to know him and talk about our church. It was a really good
opportunity to testify about Jesus Christ and the gospel. It was also
really cool because it was probably one of the first times when I
understood everything that someone said. Haha

On Saturday we had a Halloween party. It was so much fun and we had a
few old English students/ previous investigators. It was really fun
and just played games and carved pumpkins. I was able to meet a few
really awesome people and one of them said I could come and visit him
at his house anytime!! We are taking that up and we will try to visit
him this week. We also had a guy named Valrieu come. He knows a
lot of things about the bible and is smart but a little wild. haha we
set up an appointment with him this Thursday so we will see how that

Yesterday we had a great Sunday. We didn’t have many people show up but
the spirit was really strong and I learned a lot. I also gave a talk
in Sacrament meeting on service and charity. It went really well and I
said what I wanted to say. That night we went to Family Retelescu
house. They wanted us to come over and get to know us more. They
talked to us a lot and were so excited when I said I was half Cuban. They asked a lot of questions. We left them with a spiritual
thought which went really good.

Tomorrow we start English classes!! I’m so excited and I hope it goes
well. I am teaching the beginner class this week so it should be fun.

I love you all. Sounds like it was a fun week. That picture of Chester
is amazing. I laughed so hard. The church is true and the work is
moving forward. I love being a missionary. The crazy thing is I hit my
6th month mark this week. Its gone by so fast.

Elder Mayans

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