Monday, November 4, 2013

Jacobs weekly e-mail


Familia Mea! Ce faceti voi!? Am avut una suptamana foarte bine. Am
facut multe lucrurii si am vorbit cu multi oameni.

How is everyone!! I have had a really long but amazing week!

This week I really have learned that a lot of work pays off one way or
another. For the past three weeks it has been slowly moving here and
there but nothing very exciting has happened. Elder Harris and I have
been contacting like crazy and haven’t had too many people listen to us.
So this week on Tuesday we had our first English class. I was a little
nervous because it is a new city and I didn’t know what to expect but
it turned out to be absolutely amazing!!! We had over 50 people in the
church. We didn’t even have enough chairs so people just stood in the
back. We taught a really good English class and everyone was laughing
and having a good time. We are teaching beginners this transfer so it
is a little harder in that we have to explain things in Romanian more
and the students aren’t as comfortable doing activities. We mostly just
did an English review to see where they are at and what they want to
learn. We did a little game where they would draw something they like
to do on a piece of paper and then go in from of the class and say
what they like to do. It was really funny and most people either said
gardening or cooking. haha

After English we had a little spiritual thought where we briefly
explained who we were, why we are in Romania, the importance of the
Gospel and the Book of Mormon. We kept it simple because we didn’t want to scare anybody off but they all liked the message. Some of them even came up to us after and told us that it is a beautiful message. It was
awesome and we are continuing to talk and get to know them more. I was
really happy how well the class turned out and I think that will
be our best opportunity to get some investigators or at least some
people to church.

On Thursday we had a great time on Halloween contacting haha Nobody
celebrates it here but we went did! haha sort of.. We went to a
grocery store that evening and got a bunch of candy!! The lady at the
cash register looked at us funny because all we were getting was candy.
I asked here if she knew what today was? She said no and I told her
It’s Halloween and everyone in America eats a bunch of candy today!!
haha I dont think she got it but it was pretty funny.

On Friday we went contacting a lot at the park but then had a lesson
with a man named Valeriu. I guess I can call him an investigator. He
is a really cool guy but is really hard to teach. He loves the bible
and doesn’t like to talk about anything else so at times it is
hard. He likes the Book of Mormon but just says it says the same thing as
the Bible says but just not as good. The biggest problem is that he
doesn’t like to listen and loves to talk. haha we will see if we can
get him to progress in anyway and I think we are planning on meeting
with him again this week.

Saturday we had our second English class. It wasn’t as big as the first
class but it was still very big. Because English classes are doing so
well we are coming up with a lot of really fun activities we can do
during class to keep people coming. We know we aren’t the most amazing
teachers but as long as they are learning something and enjoy coming
then that’s all we want.

On Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting. Since there were about 8
members including missionaries there, all the missionaries bore their
testimonies. It was small but it was a really good meeting. That
night we went chalk contacting at the park. We drew out the Plan of
Salvation and talked to people about it as they walked by. It was
pretty fun and something different to do.

Today is P-Day. We went down to Pitesti this morning and went paint
balling with the other district down here. It was so much fun!!! I
have some pics I can send. Over all it was a really good week. We had
a lot of fun talking to people and testifing about different
principles of the gospel. Hope all is well. Love you all.

Elder Mayans

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