Monday, August 18, 2014

Beautiful city of Cluj!!!


Hey everyone!!!

You lost Chester!!!!!! Oh my gosh I was so scared when I was reading that story. I though it was going to end bad!!! I’m very happy that he is OK and spent a night in another house. haha Chester does whatever he wants!! Tell him I miss him sooo much. As you can see by the picture I sent today, I am meeting a lot of Chesters friends from Europe. I pet a lot of dogs every day but they are never as good as my Chester.

So this week was another GREAT week!!! I am loving it out here. Everything has just been perfect. I could stay here in Cluj for the rest of my mission and I would be happy! Also Elder Busche and I have been having so much fun together!!! He’s a great guy and I’m sure he’s loving it too. We’re super excited to be together and we have been having a lot of success too.

So last Tuesday we had another lesson with Daniel our investigator. He’s a great guy and we have high hopes for him. He doesn’t like too much infomation at one time so our lessons have slowed down in pace and they are more broken down. He loves the missionaries and is really grateful for us so we are happy. He is progressing right now and reading the Book of Mormon.

This is the last week before English class starts so during our open hours we have been talking to a lot of people on the streets. Its been a lot of fun and we are thinking that our English class is going to be massive this transfer.

Also this week it was Domonics birthday so he invited us over to celebrate. We had a few members come with us and it was a lot of fun in his tiny apartment. It was good to support him though because I don’t think he has a lot of family and friends around. We also did some service at the church with the members by pulling weeds and cleaning up the building.

On Sunday yesterday we had a great Sacrament Meeting. We had a few families out of town so it was a little smaller. I had to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting on a short notice which is always fun. I think I did a pretty good job. It was about 20 minutes long which I really don’t know how I did but its in the past now. haha I talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it can bring us close to Christ.

Tonight for P day we are going to a Cluj vs. Brasov soccer game!! We are super excited. Soccer is so big here it’s cool to see the whole city talk about it.  ha

Love you all. Hope everyone had a great week!! Stay safe. I miss you all!

Elder Mayans

Sorry I forgot to respond to the story about Abuela!!!! That’s crazy!! haha I can just imagine right now Tia driving and screaming out the window. haha I’m glad everything is ok and im sure that cop was a little confused with all the |Cubans screaming. haha

oh also this week we have zone training meeting in Sibiu!!! Sibiu is one the the prettiest cities and I haven’t been there yet so I’m really excited about it!! It should be a good trip. I’m also giving another little presentation so we will see how I do. haha They always pick on me to do things!

Well I love you MOM and Dad.

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