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Jacob in Romania 7-8-2013

Hello family!!!                           7-8-2013

How is everyone doing?? I got a lot of emails this week. Thank you so much they are really entertaining to read and it sounds like everyone is having a good time. So this week has been very similar to last week, which has been super slow. Just like before we have been doing a bunch of street and park contacting. It’s kinda hard to understand because we meet so many people everyday what are super nice and seem interested. Some days are slower than others but for the most part we usually meet at least a few people who are willing to learn more and that our message can help their lives. Which gets us really excited and then they end up never answering their phones or say they are too busy. That’s why this week has been really slow because every single person we have meet has told us they don't want to meet with us.

So like I said we have four elders in Galati. I don’t remember if I have already said this but Elder Ward and Cunningham have been focusing on the members and the less actives while Elder Rasmussen and I are focusing on finding new investigators. Mostly younger people and families. We have been talking to President Hill about the situation in Galati because nothing has really happened in this city church wise for the past 10 years. Theres the original 10 people who have been members for at least 5 years and everyone else is inactive. That’s why we are really looking for younger people and families because we need some members in this branch who can really lead and bring the Church forward. The missionaries can only do so much and it’s the members that can really change this city around. I know I have only been here for a few weeks but I would really like to see this city turn around. 

So as you know we teach English classes here. I love teaching English even though I have never been really good in English and I still don’t speak Romanian very well. Ha-ha But its fun. The first few times we had about 5 people show up for the beginner class, which is the one I teach. Every time we have another class, less and less people show us. Ha-ha but the people who are there are very nice and don’t get mad when I mess up because they know I'm learning too. Last Saturday we had only one person show up. His name is Vasile. He’s an older guy but after class we had a pretty good discussion about the church, which was fun. We even asked his if he would like the pray to end English class and He said he didn’t know how. So we taught him how and he gave a very simple and meaningful prayer. Hopefully in the future he will be a little more interested. We also told him he could come to church with us whenever he wanted. 

Another thing happened in regards to English class. So this 13-year-old girl came to English class. At the end of class she walked up to us and said I didn’t come here to learn English, I really came just to talk to you because you have a tag that says Jesus Christ on it and I want to know more. At that our jaws dropped in shock because that just doesn’t happen here. Ender Ward and Cunningham ended up having a little lesson with her and they said it went really good. To make the long story short she ended up saying that her mom was interested in our message as well. Then after we set up an appointment, she called and said she is not interested. It was really weird because we really thought she was an elect and was reads to hear about the gospel. It smart not to get too excited before you know what will happen but we were all pretty bummed about that. 

I know that’s a little depressing but on a good note we have one person call us because last night and said he wants to meet with us. His name is Trian. He is a Pentecostal that we met on the street. Hopefully everything will work out so we can have a few lessons with us this week. 

So 4th of July- just because I'm in Romania doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate America. Ha-ha For lunch we all bought some meet to grill and some other food and had a little BBQ. It was just the four of us but it was really fun. Its actually really funny because all day people would come up and tell us it the 4th of July for America. We were like ha-ha we know were Americans. People here are always talking about Americans but I we think they want to be like us because half of the stuff they wear says California or America on it. SO yeah we ended up having some pork chops and these weird sausage things. I don’t know what kind of meat it was but it tasted good to me. 

Lastly I went back up to Iași Again this time for Zone conference, which was AMAZING!!! I got to meet my whole zone and also got to see President and sister Hill again. Zone conference was an entire day thing so we ended up spending the night up there and then coming back the next morning. I learned so much at Zone conference. President is such a smart man and really knows how to teach and motivate up. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and different ways of teaching. We also talked about explaining the Book of Mormon in more detail before handing it out to people. Overall is was really good and it wanted me to become a better missionary which means it was a good meeting. Also, my zone includes all of the Moldovan missionaries who are Russian speaking. The original 5 from that mission are leaving this week so they all gave their farewell testimony. It was really sad to see them have to go because they were all to crushed to leave. They are really good Elders. I only got the chance to meet them once but they are very strong men who really love the people of Moldova.

Yeah so today was P day again. I wish P days were a little bit longer because it takes a lot of time to just get groceries that by the time were don’t with doing all the little errands the day is over. Next week for P day we are planning on crossing the river, which will be beautiful, so hopefully I will be able to send some good pictures of that. 

That’s about is for this week. I am still alive and having so much fun. It’s important to remain positive. The elders that I have been with have told me I am very positive so I guess ill just keep doing what I'm doing. I love this gospel and I would be so lost and confused in this world without. It brings me so much comfort to know that I have a Father in Heaven who is watching over me and loves me. I just want to tell that to people because I know that it would help their lives in so many ways. Love you all. Thanks again for everything!!

Elder Mayans

Hey mom.. So to answer all of you questions.. ha-ha you have so many and they are a lot about my apartment. Ha-ha so first off the food. We rarely get fed by other people so we just make food. We eat pretty normally and you can get just about anything. Everything tastes a little different but it all tastes pretty good. So yeah the beef tastes really weird so I wouldn’t be surprised is it was some weird meat but I mean we eat it so its not horrible. If we get meat we usually get Pork because that’s delicious. Also the fish here is probably really sketchy because the lakes and rivers here are extremely dirty so i wouldn’t be surprised. 

Our apartment is small but not too bad. We sleep in the living room because the air conditioner in the bedroom is broken. So for now we sleep there. We are really lucky because most apartments don’t have air conditioning units. Also we have a washer but no dryer. It’s not too big of a deal because it dries really fast. The only thing is that our washer broke this week so we really need to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

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