Monday, July 15, 2013

Jacobs Mission


Hello Familia Mea!!!!!

I’m going to start off by saying that this email is going to be a little short because we actually went on an adventure today for P-Day so I have a little less Internet time. But it’s ok. It was definitely worth it. Today we crossed the big river that runs right next to Galaţi. We took a ferryy over and it was awesome and beautiful! It felt really weird because it’s probably the only time I will ever be on a boat for the rest of my mission but it was so much fun. I took a lot of pictures so iI’l make sure I send them to you. 

So this week was..... you know same old same old in terms of getting investigators but we still got a lot of things done. Lets see, on Friday I went on an exchange with our zone leaders. I went with Elder Davis. He is a really good guy and a great zone leader. He’s only been out for about 8 transfers now so I don’t feel as stupid when it come to the language because it’s hard for him too. Ha-ha sometimes is a little stressful with Elder Rasmussen because he knows this language like a native. Our exchange was a lot of fun. We gave out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and got a lot of numbers from people so we will see if any of this will follow through with lessons. We got rid of our Book of Mormon transfer box! That was one of our goals to give out the whole box and we did so we were pretty excited about that. So speaking of Elder Rasmussen, this is his last week. As they say in the mission, "I'm killing him." ha-ha Next Saturday I'm actually going to go with him to Ploiesţi so say good bye to a few people and then back to Bucuaresţi for my new companion. A lot of new and exciting things are happening this up coming week. I’m 99.9% positive that I will stay in Galaţi, which is good because I love this city.   Ohh.. I almost forgot. So on Saturday night we had a BBQ celebration for the 20th anniversary of missionaries in Romania! It was a pretty big deal so we planned a BBQ at the church and invited everyone to come. We planned on eating food and watching a broadcast that is streamed from Bucuaresţi. We had a huge turn out of about a whopping 20 people! It was amazing. Ha-ha so we ate really authentic Romanian food. Its called Mici and Sarmale. I don’t really know how to explain it but it was a type of meat and some other stuff wrapped in cabbage. I don’t really know but it was amazing. After that we went up stairs to watch the broadcast and it turns up that we missed it and saw the closing song and prayer!!! It was such a bummer but everyone was still happy because we all ate. 

That’s what I have been up to. I love every minute of the mission life. It feels good to serve the Lord 24/7. I love this gospel so much and I would be so lost without the guidance it gives me. The help it has given me makes me want to share it with others even more. I love you all and for all the prayers and things you do for me. 

Elder Mayans

P.S. I might not be able to write next week because I will most likely be traveling. 

Some interesting things that happened this week was that I learned that Romanians don’t believe in brushing their teeth. I don’t understand how they don’t believe in it because their breath always stinks. Also there is this thing they believe over here called "current" and basically it’s any type of air breeze. Weather it be from a window or from an air conditioner. They believe that it will get you very sick. The guy on the train told me to shut the window because the "current was making his back hurt! It’s so ridiculous and it was boiling in the train! Ha-ha it’s really interesting and funny. 

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