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Jacobs adventures in Romania 8-5-2013

Hello familia mea!!!                                     8-5-2013

Well another week in Romania has gone by so fast. It honestly feels like it has been just a few days since my last e-mail. We have been so busy just running around this week I have been exhausted. On top of that I haven't been sleeping very good for some reason so that is not helping. But everything is absolutely fantastic. Elder Cunningham and I are getting along very well and we are working really hard. So this week we had zone training meeting which to be honest wasn’t very good. The zone leaders didn’t prepare very much and because Galați is so far away, it was a total of 10 hours on a train in one day. Elder Cunningham and I taught a lesson during the zone meeting about finding by faith. It was a really good lesson but actually didn’t really go as planned. We talked a little bit about the importance of having faith with prayer. I know for me when it comes to prayer, there is always room for improvement. Sometimes we don’t realize the miracles that we can have through prayer.

 During our contacting we have been able to talk about the church a lot. A lot of times it works better to say that we are Mormon and are normal people just like you. Ha-ha it sounds a little weird but it works better with the people here. It makes it seem more like a friendly conversation and less of just trying to teach them principles of the gospel. Yesterday for Sunday we had President and Sister Hill with us!!! Every other transfer, President goes around the country and visits all the missionaries and gives them interviews. I love it because I love President and it is really nice to talk to him about things that are happening. Also, the main subject that President talked to the elders in Galați was that even though we haven't seen any success we are doing what we are suppose to do and we are making a difference in this city. He also said at least we have each other. Ha-ha  We had a great Sunday yesterday. I love fast and testimony meeting. I feel like the branch is the strongest during fast and testimony meeting because everyone is together and can feel the spirit. The members here are tough to work with sometimes but they are great people. 

English classes start tomorrow! I am really excited for it because there is always a chance that we could meet a few people who what to know a little bit more about who we are and what we do. We have had a few people call this week asking about the classes so hopefully there will be a few new people. 

It sounds like you guys have had a crazy week. That’s exciting about helping Maichael move. It sounds like it was a little hectic but everything turned out ok. And the story about Sarah! That is legit! I’m so proud of here she is such a good example and that takes guts to stand up for what she believes in. On that subject, six of our missionaries in Bucharest got beat up this week. They are all ok, just a few scratches and bruises but it freaked a few of them out. Galați is scary in some areas but as a missionary I always feel safe. You guys don’t have to worry about me. I love Galați and I love serving a mission. The church is true and I love being a member of it. It gives me so much hope for the people here when I know that God is in control.

Elder Mayans

Side not for the Fam: Actually this letter was kind of just directed at you guys. I am loving it but I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot. I love you and I miss you guys. I am so grateful for all of you and everything you do for me. 

Thanks for everything!!!

So about the people. The people are great but at the same time are not open to talking about the gospel. Everyone we talk to is Orthodox and it’s all about tradition for them. Also a lot of people say that God is not real just energy when we talk about God or Christ. I love the people because they are willing to talk to you and most are friendly but they don’t want anything to do with the church. We have a 13-year-old girl named Osana who has been going to English and also asks a lot of religious questions. It’s really weird because she is very mature and acts like a 20 year old. Anyways we were talking to her and she told us that every one that she knows says horrible things about us and that nobody should ever talk to us. She isn’t interested but she says that we are harmless and feels something different when she’s with us. 

Lets see funny things that have happened this week. I can’t really point out an individual experience but my whole district and I have so much fun together. We are always laughing. Today for P Day we went to a Greek Gyro place which was amazing! Also we watched the best two years!!! Great movie and yes don’t worry we are allowed to watch that. 

My favorite thing about Romania are the cities. It’s just really different from home. There are Trams and maxi taxis everywhere and everyone is walking on the streets. On the weekends there are usually huge dance parties on the streets with DJ and everything. The life style is very different and everyone is a lot more laid back.

 So the fight was during the evening in the middle of the park!! That’s the crazy part is that there are hundreds of people at the parks and nobody stopped them or reacted to it at all. But nobody was seriously injured. It was just a group of drunk guys that pushed a few elders around, one got it in the back of the head and the other got punched in the face. They are all perfectly fine now. President told them to try to stay away from that park ha-ha. That’s probably a good idea. I speak a Romanian like I'm American and I struggle with it but I have no problem talking to people. Sometimes it is hard to express myself but it’s coming. The average missionary will be completely comfortable with the language after 9 months. That’s at least what they say.

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