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Jacobs Romanian adventure 8-15-2013

Buna Ziua Buna Ziua Buna Ziua!!!!!            8-15-2013

Another week has gone by and it has definitely been a stressful one. We have talked to so many people on the streets about either English class or religion, or how their day has been. We have stepped back a little on trying to pound the Book of Mormon in their face and telling them about the church. Instead, we have been a lot more casual and just talking to people, letting them know that we are just normal people just like them. Everyone thinks we are J-Dubs (Jehovah Witness) so at least we are clearing that up. Also, we started our English classes back up this week. There are already people then last transfer so that’s a plus. I talked to an older mom who showed up to English class and see seemed really nice. She speaks English pretty well but wants to learn more. She said she was very impressed with the class and said that she will bring her daughter next time. I really hope that turns out because I really want to be able to teach a family. That would be the most amazing thing that could happen right now. On top of English classes, we are also starting a Bible study class. The mission just started doing this about 3 transfers ago so we will see how it goes. At the moment we are a little more hesitant about doing bible classes because there might be some people showing up that just want to Bible bash, but if that’s the case then we can just cancel them.

Last week we had exchanges with our zone leaders. Our zone leaders are decent elders but they are not very good leaders so it is kinda hard to work with them. The exchange went fairly well. Our focus was on contacting in different ways. The only thing was that on our exchange, it was so hot outside that nobody was out and the people who were didn't want to talk. On a side note about that, people in Romania are never outside during the day. Everyone comes out at about 11 o'clock at night and that is the time when we are home asleep.. haha. Even when we are walking home at 9 there are more people at the park then in the daytime.

So we had an experience with a young girl named Andrea this week. We ran into her on the street and apparently Elder Cunningham has talked to her before. She is a super nice girl who is not super religious but is definitely going through a lot of things in her life right now. She has told us that so many things are going on in her life and she doesn't know what to do. On top of that, when we say her on the street she was really messed up. She got into a motorcycle crash with a maxi-taxi about 2 weeks ago so she had scabs all down her arms, a broken jaw, and her mouth was wired shut!!! It was horrible to see but for some reason she always has a smile on her face. On a side note, a maxi-taxi will win against a motorcycle every time. Last Thursday we went to the hospital with her to see her boyfriend. This is the same hospital that i went to the second week i was out here and yes its still as scary as ever. Also its under construction so in the hallways there are people walking around with drills and tools, and doctors walking around with needles. Just another reminder of how grateful I am to live in the states. So a long story short, we saw her boyfriend and it was intense. He had to get back surgery so his whole lower back was all stapled and looked like a Salami.. haha That’s how Romanians would explain it. Anyways, surprisingly he was really happy to get to talk to us because he has heard alot about us. He wanted talk to we talked to him about the History of the church including the restoration and also talked about the Book of Mormon. we then connected it very will back to their accident and how it is a miracle that they didn’t die in this accident. Andrea ended up being 20 meters away after the crash. She literally flew like 60 feet! so were are definitely keeping in contact with them. We have been able to talk about God a little more with her so we feel like she has a potential of talking the lessons. We just want to help them out in any way possible. 

Yesterday was a really rough day at church. A lot of people who have responsibilities and callings didn’t show up. One thing President Hill told us not to do was step in for people when they don’t show up. That sound kinda weird to say because you would think that the missionaries would step in if something wrong happened, but president said we really need to get this branch to be more independent. So for example yesterday the sunday school the teacher didnt show up, so instead of trying to come up with a lesson to teach, we instead said well, since the teacher didn’t show up, we are just going to have to watch General Conference talks. Also last week for FHE the FHE coordinator didn't show up so instead of doing something, we all just sat there and talked. It hard not to do anything but the branch really can't be dependant on the missionaries anymore. 

This week I might have to go back down to Bucherest again for Visa paperwork. Basically all that means is more traveling. I love all of the letter i got this week!!! Tia sent me a bunch of pictures of everyone at the beach on Dads birthday. It looks like a lot of fun. I love pictures!!! Dont worry i won't get homesick, and if I do, I'll get over it. haha I love you guys so much and it sounds like everyone is doing amazing. The Church is true and I love being a missionary. I am having a great time and love sharing it with other people. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!  50 YEARS OLD!!! WOW SO OLD AND SO WISE!!!! I hope you had great birthday. I love you so much. 

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