Monday, August 26, 2013

The Life and Times of Elder Mayans

Hello Hello Hello!!!                                    8-26-2013

Sorry I’m writing so late today. We ended up wanting to get a few things done so I haven't been able to e-mail. So this week has been filled with a few more interesting things that have happened. First off, I went down to Bucuresti on Wednesday to do some more visa work, which isn’t the funnest thing to do because there is so much traveling but we made the best of it and talked to a few people on the way. I spent the night there, which was the worst night of my life because the apartment I stayed in was the nastiest apartment I have ever been in. I woke up in the morning and have bug bites all over my body. So yeah we went back Thursday night but instead of taking the train back, the assistants wanted to have an exchange with us so we ended up driving up with them. It sounded like a good plan but unfortunately it didn't end up so well. Directions in Romania are a lot harder than I thought so we ended up getting lost on the way. Also, the assistants weren't able to leave until later. So we finally started to see some road signs for Galati and then as we approached the city, we realized that we were on the other side of the river!!! We ended up having to sit in the car and wait until the fairy crossed the river so we could cross. It was definitely an adventure but I don’t want to do it again because it killed me for the next day. I’ll post some pictures from that.

We went to Sora Ionela's house on Friday for some service. She had us help her make some shelves and paint some stuff. At one point, we had her neighbors yelling at us saying that we making to much noise. Then Sora Ionela started yelling at him and told him to mind his own business. Ha-ha Romanians are crazy. There's no one like them. 

Then on Saturday we had English, which I was really looking forward too. It went great and after we taught a little about charity and service. There are a few people who go to different churches but they really enjoy our message and really like us. Edward and Bianca, who I mentioned last week, told us that they wanted to come to church this week. We told them of course we would love to have them. They came an hour late so they went to Sunday school and Sacrament meeting. They were a little confused about a few things but we explained everything so they would understand. At the end of all the meetings, Bianca said, "I like this church". It was really cool so see them enjoy it even though they are still pretty young. Bianca is 13 and Edward is 17. That was definitely the highlight of the week and we will continue to help them out. There is a good chance that I will be transferred in a few weeks but hopefully I can do as much as I can to help Bianca and Edward out. 

Mom since you mentioned that you went to the zoo, I actually went to the zoo in Galati. One of the members in our branch is one of the managers of the zoo so he took us to see it. The zoo doesn't open for another year but some of the animals are there.

That’s about tit for this week. I can’t say it enough how much I love being a missionary. A lot of times it seems easier to just do something else and not work as hard but there is no other feeling than serving others and helping people come unto Christ. I love the people in this country and even though they all come from different backgrounds, they can all benefit from our message and the Church of Jesus Christ. 

It sounds like it was a fun week for you guys too. The beach pictures looks amazing!! Ha-ha 
And Jared's farewell looked like fun. Of course it ended up being a Just Dance party at our house. Ha-ha He will be a great missionary I'm really excited for him. Love you all. 

Elder Mayans

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