Monday, February 17, 2014

The life of a Romanian Missionary


Hello again familia mea frumoasa!!!!

I had such an amazing week this week and have lots to share. It sounds
like you guys had a pretty busy week as well with Maichael being home,
Bens Birthday, Valentines day,and all the things that have been going
on in the ward.

So to start off we had 2 lessons this week!!! I know right?! Way too
Much, we should try to slow down a little. haha No, but it was cool to
be able to meet up with a few people this week. Unfortunately that
wasn't the best part of the week because they aren’t super interested
and aren’t willing to keep any commitments. One man we met with was named Alexandru who works at the philharmonic and sits on a chair all day so
it’s pretty easy to meet up with him at his work. He has been taught a
decent amount in the past and has been up and down as far as
progressing. When we met with him we really wanted to hit on just the
importance of following Christ and why do we need to do all these
things. (like go to church, be baptized, follow the commandments) We
had a pretty good lesson with him  and he liked our message but at the
end I feel like he kinda shrugged it off. At times it was hard to keep
him focused. We are still going to keep in contact with him but I don’t
know if we are going to want to meet with him on a weekly basis
because it might be a waste of time. The other guy we met with was
Iulian. We did a 30/30 with him (half english/half Gospel) because he
is preparing to get a job in America. But we had a good talk with him
about the gospel. He is very orthodox but is really nice and is
willing to learn other things.

Also this week it as all nice and warm!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Well
sort of but now there are a lot of people on the streets and in the
parks with their family. It is great and we have visited the park a
few times because of it. So more towards the end of the week we had a
lot of things happen. On Saturday morning we found out about
transfer boards!!! and..... I’m staying in Craiova another transfer!!!
I am actually really excited about this. Most people have told me that
after 2 transfers here you go crazy but I will be going on my 4th and
I still love it. I love this small city and the tiny branch. I like it
more because it makes us be more involved with the branch and makes us
really have to run everything. It makes me feel like I am doing a lot
more and actually making a difference. I will also be staying with
Elder Brundage next transfer which I’m am really glad for. He is an
awesome missionary and we work really well together. So after that we
had our last English class which was so good and so many people
came!!! We had a full house and we just did a huge review because
there was a lot of new students and it was the last class. It was
really fun and there was a really cute little girl who was amazing at
English and knew everything. haha All the other older students felt
stupid because they are trying so hard and she just came in there and
destroyed everything. haha But is was a lot of fun. We also had a
Valentines Day party there at the church right after English class
ended. We invited them to stay if they wanted and a few of them did!
It was a really good activity and about 21 people were there!!!!! It
was crazy. I joked with the Spooners that we might have to find a
bigger church because there are so many people here. haha At the party
we had a spiritual thought on the love of God. We thought that was
appropriate for Valentines day. Then we played games, decorated
cookies, and ate food while we talked with everyone. It was super fun
and a good way to have relationships with some people. Oh another
thing about Valentines day was that so many people on the street were
asking us where our girls were and offered their daughters so us. haha
Crazy I know! ha It was hard to explain and they didn’t really get it
that we didn’t have permission to have girls. haha Valentines day here
isn’t even on the 14th here but they still celebrate it. There were a
ton of flower shops everywhere and a lot of parties. As a matter of
fact there was a huge concert here with all the biggest music artists
in Romania. I don’t know that much about it but I guess it was a big

Then on Sunday we had 3 visitor from America. One was on a business
trip here because America is building a military base just right
outside of Craiova so he’s working with that. And the other was a
missionary who served here about 3 years ago and came to visit with
his wife. It was fun to talk to them and see how things were in the
past. And it sounds like not much has changed. haha I also gave a talk
on Sunday on humility. I felt like I did a really good job and it was
a good Sunday over all. I’m loving everyday and just trying to make the
best of every minute. I love being a missionary and serving the
Months are now starting to feel like weeks and it is going just way too
fast. I love you all and hope everything is going great. Remember not
to have too much fun without me. ;)

Love you guys..

Elder Mayans

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