Monday, February 3, 2014

Up-date from a Romanian missionary


Eh, Oh family!!!! Still a huge drought? That sounds like it’s really
serious and that California needs water really bad. :\ it’s still the
exact opposite over here. We have gotten a total of about 15 inches
of snow it is ridiculous. To be honest I’m kinda sick of it and it just
makes everything harder. I have come to the conclusion that I will
never live in the snow when I’m older. Also the temperature has been
really low and on Thursday and Friday of this week we had to limit our
time outside because it was too dangerous. I’m staying warm but the wind
chill still cuts through your layers pretty easily.

This week we had a few things go on but for the most part we did a lot
of area book work because we couldn’t be outside.

So on Tuesday we actually went to a less active members house and
visited with her. Her name is Dana and she has a daughter who’s
probably around 9 years old. Her husband lives in Italy, isn’t a member
and doesn't treat her very good so her life is pretty hard right now.
She hasn’t been to church in a really long time but was willing to have
us visit her. Our visit with her was I think really friendly. We got
to know her a little more and then talked mostly about the importance
of going to church every Sunday and reading the scriptures. She gave
us a lot of excuses why she can’t go and she wasn't willing to change
but I think she was touched by our visit and she even teared up a
little bit. We also talked about reading the scriptures with her
daughter and the importance of having the spirit. At times it was hard
because she kept getting a lot of phone calls which was a distraction
but it went ok. We offered to help her with anything she needs. Also
on Tuesday we had English class which was great as always. The old
ladies are so nice to me it’s hilarious. We are still teaching beginners
so we are just doing a lot of repeating and pronunciation.

On Thursday we had district meeting which was great. It’s a lot easier
to conduct district meeting when everyone participates. We also
shoveled up a lot of snow because President and Sora Hill were planning
on coming to Craiova to do interviews with us. Unfortunately they
couldn’t come because it snowed too much and the roads were blocked. SO
we have interviews planned for this Saturday.

Friday we did a bunch of area book work which was really good to do
but a lot of time inside the apartment which made me go a little
crazy! haha We organized a lot of it and made a huge list of people we
should call. So this week we have a good amount of people to call and
try to set up appointments. It’s pretty much all we have right now
because there is nobody on the streets and it would just be a waste of
time. That night we had Friday night activity. Toni came again as well
as Dorina. We talked about families and then played some board games.

Saturday we had English again. Great lesson and we had an AMAZING
spiritual thought on the atonement. The spirit was there and the
students really liked it.

Sunday we had church which was great as always. It was fast Sunday so
we all had to bear our testimonies. We had a few people who said they
would come but nobody showed up.

That’s the majority of the week. Winter makes everything even slower
but missionary work doesn't stop. I am doing great and I love serving
here. It helps me rely on my testimony more and have more faith. I
love this church and I love all of you. Have a great week.

Elder Mayans

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