Monday, January 27, 2014

Great pics of Jacob in Romanian snowstorm!!


Hello my beautiful family!

Well I guess that winter has finally hit Romania! It has been a crazy
week and has been snowing hard since Friday.. and I am freezing! The
weird thing is that is was starting to get warmer and then a huge
storm came out of nowhere. So I have a lot of good pictures to send this

So this week.. let’s see. On Tuesday we had our first English class
which was awesome! We had a total of about 30 people come which is
still a ton! I love teaching English and it’s one of very few times
where I can really get to know people and talk to them. It’s great and
I think the people who come like how we teach even though we aren’t the
best English teachers.

On Wednesday I don’t remember exactly what we did but we contacted a lot. haha

On Thursday we had district meeting and also the ZL's came to have an
exchange with us. District meeting was really good and I think our
district works really well together. We come up with a lot of good
ideas on things we can do during the week. Also the exchange with the
ZL's went pretty well. I was with Elder Hokkanen from Finland. He’s
really different but still a good Elder. We went survey contacting which
I have never done before. We walked around and asked people if they
could take a 10 question survey about "intrebarele sufletului"
(questions of the soul). We then asked them simple questions about
religion and got some pretty cool responses. It was just another way
to tell people who we are and what we believe.

Friday is when it started to snow like crazy. We had a long day in the
snow and then Friday night activity. We did a spiritual thought on the
importance of prayer and then played uno!!! We had 2 people show up.

On Saturday we had English again which was great as always. Not as
many people came due to the weather but it was still a good turnout.
Also on Saturday we went to the hospital again just like last time!!!
I love hospital contacting. There’s always the nicest people there. We
 had a chance to sing to a lot of families. The stickers are
great too because they love them and it’s a good way to break the
barrier when we walk into the rooms.

Sunday we had a decent amount of people at church. Our guest speaker
Didn’t come probably because of the weather so we had to fill in a lot
of time. We are starting the Old Testament in Sunday school so that’s
always fun. After church we had a lot of time on our hands to spare.
Elder Brundage and I decided to go block knocking which we are not
huge fans of doing. We did this HUGE block with like 70 doors and not
one of them even let us speak. Some of them got really mad at us
because it was Sunday and apparently that was not ok. haha We took it
lightly and laughed about it later. So yeah, block knocking isn’t the
best. On the way back to the apartment we helped a few people shovel
snow or get their car un-stuck.

That’s about it. We have President coming this week for interviews and
I am giving a talk next week. Other than that just more finding and
trying not to freeze. Love you all. This Church is true and it makes
me so happy to be able to serve and love people. Have a great week!

Elder Mayans

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  1. Yikes, that looks so cold! Hang in there, Jacob! You are planting seeds left and right! We are so proud of you and the loving way you are representing our Savior Jesus Christ.