Monday, January 13, 2014

Romanian Life


Hello Family!!!!!

How is everyone doing!!! It has been an amazing week in the mission
life and I feel like these weeks fly by so fast. So to start off this
week was transfers so it consisted of a lot of traveling. On Wednesday
we went down to Bucuresti so that I could get my new district and head
back to Craiova. And my new district is fun and has a lot of
character. So as I told you before, my new companion is Elder Brundage
and he is awesome. One thing I have been really thankful for is
getting great companions. It started to get a little rough serving
with my last companion last transfer and things weren’t moving very much but now it should be great!! Actually Elder Brundage is from Gilbert AZ
and knows Truman Halliday pretty well. Small world. Anyways, I’m really
excited to work with him and I already know its going to be a great

As for the other members of the district, There’s Sora Newell who is in
her forth transfer. She is really funny and has a lot of dry humor
which makes me laugh. She’s training Sora Wright who has been in the
country for about 4 days. haha The only way i can describe her is
straight out of the MTC. She is SUPER excited and happy. She’s also
really hyper and talks really fast but she’s great. If you thought I
talked fast you should hear this girl. Holy cow. So that’s it for the
district. I feel like its a really good district for Craiova and there
is plenty of stuff to be done here.

Now as for the week. Well it’s a new transfer so that means English
classes are starting up again in 2 week. We are making sure we are
passing out plenty of cards and putting up posters to advertise. More
than 50% of the missions success is from English classes so its
important that we get a lot of people there. Also on Thursday night
we, as a district had correlation meeting at President Spooners
apartment. We are still really trying to get all of these less active
members to come back to church. We had one member this week tell us he would go to church and also that family from the hospital said they
want to come too. Unfortunately yesterday nobody showed up. So I don’t
really know what to do but we will try to contact them and get them to
come again. Also at church I am now the new translator when President
or Sora Spooner speaks. Let me tell you it was so hard! haha When your
up there translating, all the pressure is on you. haha They say
something and no matter if it’s right or wrong something is coming out
of your mouth a few seconds later. It’s really hard to translate for me
because you don’t just directly translate word for word from English to
Romanian. I did fine I think and got the majority right. My brain was
fried afterwards though because I had to translate a talk and all of
Sunday school.

Other than that I have just been living the good life and loving the
mission. For the past weeks I haven't seen the sun but now the past 2
days its been clear skies and sunny. If winter is over here than that
was the easiest winter ever. Its beautiful here and its crazy to think
that I have almost been through all the seasons here in Romania.

Love you all. Have another great week and write me if you can. It’s
always great to get E-mails and I will try to respond.

The Church is true.

Elder Mayans

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