Monday, January 20, 2014

The Adventures Continue.....


This is Elder Mayans signing in on another week. #RomaniaMission ha
Sorry I don’t like starting the e-mails the same way every week.

So, the past week was wonderful. I feel like this week we have made a
lot of progress in helping Craiova stay alive.

Starting at the beginning of the week we had Zone Training meeting so
we had to go down to Bucuresti again. Elder Brundage and I had to do a
presentation on testifying while finding. Usually the meetings are
kinda boring so we made sure it was fun but still had the spirit. I
could tell that the ZL's were not very happy because they are a little
serious but President Hill was there and he loved it so it couldn’t
have been that bad. I though it was a good meeting over all.

So for the rest of the week we have been hitting the streets a lot and
trying to meet up with some people. On Thursday this week during
correlation, President Spooner made a little Craiova district goal to
try and reach a certain number of contacts a day so that we don’t just
walk around. We are also still strivng to get the in-active members back
so we can get the branch back. The contacting is going great and we
are we are talking to more people but as far a in-active members go, we
called all the ones we could and they can’t or said to never call back
again. sooo.. yeah the branch is kinda hard. On Friday we did have a
great Friday night activity. We had Tony show up and also this lady
named Dorina. We played charades and ate some food. It was really
simple but a really successful activity. Tony is a cool guy who hasn’t
been going to church but goes to activities sometimes. I think he
likes me because he’s really nice to me but not very nice to other
missionaries. haha So I invited him to church and for the first time
that I’ve been here he came!!

Which brings me to the next thing I want to talk about. So you know
how there have been  about 2 members going to church every week. Well
yesterday we had 17 people at church!!!!!! It was amazing. It felt so
good to have people there. We also had 2 Americans from the district
council come and speak. Since Tony was there he translated thank
goodness. it was really cool to see people at church and it was
probably one of the best Sundays I have had out here so far. We also
had a member come who lives about 2 hours away. It was the first time
I have met him and he’s was a really nice guy. He has written a few
books and is pretty well known.

Other than that it was a really quick week. We have English classes
starting up again tomorrow so we will see how that goes. I’m really
happy where this transfer is going. i am having so much fun and
working really hard. I miss those Sunday naps I use to have because I
almost didn’t make it yesterday. haha Well the church is true and it is
a great time to be a missionary in Romania. I now the the Lord loves
these people so much and he is helping me touch the hearts of the
people here. I love you all and hope everyone is happy and has a good

Elder Mayans

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