Monday, February 24, 2014



Hey everyone!!!

Thank you all for all your emails!!! It’s great to get a lot of e-mails
and read about all the things that have been going on. Sorry if I have
not responded. I try my best to e-mail back.

So I wouldn’t say that this week was the best week but we still did
a lot. Mostly a lot of street contacting and talking to people about
English. Nobody went down to Bucharest for transfers because our whole district
stayed the same so we weren’t able to get our supplies and most
importantly our English cards. So we just had to work with what we
have and tomorrow we have Zone Training meeting in Bucharest so we
will get them then.

In the beginning of the week it was beautiful and sunny so we went to
the park and talked to so many people it was awesome. Time flies when
you’re going from one person to another. We actually ran into a pretty
big group of kids about our age and they were all speaking English. So
we had to say something because its not every day that we hear people
speaking english. Turns out they were from all around the world (If I
can remember: Uganda, Costa Rica, Brazil, China, and Ukraine) and they
were all here in Craiova teaching some class of kids on how to be
successful in life. It was so much fun talking to them and they were
all really nice. They brought up a lot of questions like what are we
doing and it was a really good way to share with them a little about
our church. It was interesting because the girl from Uganda was like
oh yeah the mormon missionaries, I love them and we are very familiar
with them. And then the girl from China was like Ihave never heard of
you guys before. haha Over all most people knew who we are which was
really nice to hear because nobody knows about Mormons here. ha

Towards the end of the week it rained a lot which wasn't as fun.
Nobody was out and very few let us talk to them.

We are still in need of some investigators and we are running out of
time!! It’s a little frustrating that we haven't been able to find any.
We have gone through the area book many times to call former
investigators but all the ones that we actually met with do not want
to progress and just like to have company. We have also called most
of the inactive members that are men (which there aren’t many) And they are
all a blacked out number! We are still trying and we are hoping for a
little miracle this week because we really need it. We only need a few
solid active members for this branch to stay open but at the pace that
it’s going right now it will close.

Let’s see, other than that not a whole bunch happened this week. Nobody
showed up to our Friday night activity so that was a bummer. We are
just trying to stay positive here in Craiova. I am still loving it so
much and I know it’s the work of the Lord. I love you all and thank you
so much for all of your support.

Elder Mayans


So first to answer a few things you mentioned in the last e-mail, First
off about Ukraine. Ya I have heard a lot about it actually it on all
the news here. I heard it’s getting worse and its pretty close to where
Ryan is. Hopefully they will figure things out because if it gets
worse they will probably take missionaries out of there.

Also Elder Bundage and I have started running 3 times a week and it
has been great. If you could though in your next package send me my
running shorts. If you haven’t moved everything around in my room yet,
they should still be on the bottom rack left side of my closet. They
are black and have a speedo lining inside it. They are really light so
it will be worth it to send. The shorts that I have right now stink.
Also, other package ideas, I need some more Cholula! haha And a workout
band because mine broke. Thanks mom.

I love the email from Chester! haha Tell him to not worry I’ll be there
soon!!! ha I love Chester!

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