Monday, May 19, 2014

Romania and a Turkish Festival


Hello everyone!!!!! First off I want to give a shout out to my
family!!!! Sickest family ever and it was great to see them over skype
this week. You guys look great. My mom got all ready at 7 in the
morning just for here son. That’s dedication!! Love you guys.. And yeah
sorry I didn’t email you on Monday, I was on the computer a lot those
three days because my companion skyped home on Sunday so I just
decided to email a lot of people who I haven't been able to respond to
in a long time. But I’m still alive and I had another busy week. So it
was, as you know, transfer week this week so I got my new companion on
Wednesday. His name is Elder Poulsen and he’s super sick!!!! I served
around him a lot in Galati so I already know him pretty well but we
love each other and it should be a really successful transfer which I’m
really looking forward to!!!

We had a mission leadership council meeting on Thursday which was good
but really, really long. It was from 9 in the morning till 4! Yeah it
was hard to sit through but we got a lot of good important things
covered and a good plan for this transfer. This was actually President
and Sora Hills last MLC (Mission Leadership Council) so they got a little emotional and talked
about how great and important the things that we are doing out here

Other than that we have been going to the Park Hedestrau and
contacting the whole world for English. Towards the end of last week
it started to get really hot so there have been thousands of people at
the park. It’s been fun and English contacting can always be really fun
if you have fun with it and be bold. Yesterday we were at the park and
there were so many people there that it was impossible to hand out
cards to all the people walking by so I walked right into the middle
of hundreds of people and started yelling.. Free English classes for
anyone!!!! It’s free!! No Price!!! We're Americans!!! And things like
that. I must have given out over 300 cards. It was so awesome! haha

Also there was a Turkish festival at the park for the past 3 days and
it has been really interesting to see the Turkish culture. They have
these huge markets everywhere and everyone is trying to sell you
something... one guy slapped a Turkish hat on Elder Poulsens head and
said HEY give me 15 Lei!! haha Hey it worked because he bought it.
haha We were actually able to contact a few people from Turkey and
they said they have heard of us!!! I was really surprised! They were
really nice and introduced us to all these traditional Turkish Peace
Makers!!! They were all dressed up in their traditional Turkish
dancing outfits and didn’t know English or Romanian. haha just Turkish.
They started talking to us and we were just like yeah I have no idea
what your saying. haha

Sunday was great and we had a great sacrament meeting. I had to
translate with the microphone in the back so I wasn’t able to get much
out of the speakers but it was still great. Translating is fun but
crazy because your mind is going a million miles per hour. And it
doesn’t help when they mumble or talk too fast. haha it’s definitely an

Well that’s about all the crazy things that have happened this week. I
have called all of our investigators and nobody wants to meet so I
guess we are back down to step one again. Hopefully we can find some
new people through english or just contacting on the street!! Love you
all and thanks for everything!! The Church is so true it’s not even
funny!! I love the Lord and I love being a missionary. I learn
something new everyday!!

Have a great week!!

Much love,

Elder Mayans

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