Monday, May 5, 2014

Short but sweet


Hey guys. I’m going to keep this short because I will tell you
everything when we skype!! And this keyboard is broken so it takes a
long time.

So first off I still don’t know when I will be skyping you still :( it
could be any time. I will call sometime this week to let you know.
But I will try as hard as I can to do it on Saturday like you said.

So this week wasn't as good as last week but it still was good. The
only problem is that all the people that we are having sick lessons
with aren’t answering their phones or aren’t willing to meet again. I don’t
get it! ha anyways the main things that I did this week was going on
an exchange in Alexandria which is a tiny, tiny city about and hour and
a half outside of Bucuresti. I was with Elder Heyrand who is going
home in a week so it was cool to be with him one last time. He’s a
really cool, smart guy and I learned a lot from him throughout my
mission. That city is so small but we mostly just went to lunch to
celebrate my year mark and then contacted people around the city and
at the park.

The weather has been great here so there has been a lot of things
going on outside. We are doing a lot of family history contacting and
stuff like that. So the weather has been good until yesterday then we had a
huge storm!!! It rained so hard and there was really intense
lightening. All the streets were flooded and it was really chaotic.
And of course I didn’t have an umbrella so I was drenched. ha

On Sunday we went to Sora Gorzos house for dinner. She is a member who
LOVES the missionaries and loves it when we come over. I’ll send some
pictures. I also taught her how to say. "Whats up dogg?" ha

Well I’ll talk to all of you this week!! Love you all and thanks for everything!

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