Monday, April 28, 2014

The blog is up-dated


Hello family!!!!

Well it’s been another week already! This week was sooo busy and a lot
of things happened. Actually looking back this might have been the
most productive week!! We had a total of 5 lessons and met a lot of
new people.

So first off on Tuesday we had English class as always. Pretty
normal. Like I said before half of the class is really old and the
other half is really awesome young students. ha It’s funny to watch
them react together and try to learn English. Oh but I forgot, so
Monday morning we went to a less active members house and it was
awesome. His name is Francis and I actually visited him with Elder
Rassmussen my 2nd day in this country. Anyways, he is the coolest guy ever
and the best way to describe him is he is a MAN! haha He has the
craziest background and has turned his life all the way around. He used
to be in a gang and was in jail in Austria for a long time. He has
scars all over his body and is really scary but is one of the nicest
people I know. ha We gave him a visit and shared a little message. He’s
going through a rough time because his mom just passed away a few
weeks ago.

Then on Wednesday we went less active finding again. We are tryng to
visit as many as we can to see if they are still living in Bucuresti
and the reason for why they aren’t going to church. Most of the time,
nobody lives at the address we have but it’s fun because we get to ask
the neighbors which usually strikes up a conversation. That evening we
had a 30/30 lesson with Levent, this guy who knows all of the
missionaries, goes to every activity, and has been around for  about 4
years. The missionaries have met with him so many times that instead
of teaching him a lesson, we basically had a discussion on why he is
not getting baptized. We were really straight forward with him and it
went well so we hope that made him think more and realize the
importance of getting baptized.

Thursday we went on another exchange, this time in Pitesti. Just like
last exchange, it poured all day. I was with Elder Witiker who is in
his 3rd transfer. It was fun to be with someone really young in the
mission for a little bit and work with him. We mostly did some family
history contacting which works pretty well.

Friday we traveled back to Bucharesti in the morning and went straight to
District meeting. I was dead tired because the trains destroy me but
the meeting was great! Our district is getting better and better and
we are working very well as a group. That evening we had a first
lesson with a guy named Romus which went so well. He’s probably about
45 years old and is really interested. He took a Book of Mormon and
said he would read the whole thing and pray about it. We can’t meet
with him for a few weeks because he’s going out of town but we are
excited for him.

Saturday we had a lesson with a guy named Marius. Get this, we got
him as a referral straight from President Hill himself. haha He met him
at a Mongolian restaurant an got his number. ha so legit. And this guy
is amazing. He’s super smart, super nice and want to ask a lot of
questions. It was great and the lesson was perfect. After the lesson
we had English.  Elder Hokkanen and I did a watered down version of
the restoration for our spiritual thought. It went ok, we think it
might have been a little too much for a spiritual though but it wasn't
bad. People definitely had questions. haha We contacted the rest of
the day and then had to do some busy work for the zone.

Sunday was district conference!!!!That meant that all the members who
could came down. It was awesome and really cool so see so many members
together. I actually missed half of the meeting because I had to be
one of the guards at the church gate. There was some rumor going on
that a group was going to " crash the mormon party that they are going
to have on Sunday". Yeah nothing happened. I was ready though. There
was a kid on his bike who stopped and took a picture of the church.
Elder Mcallister and I we ready to fight. ha  The second half was good
and and an area seventy came and talked. It was overall a really good

That’s it for this week. Love you all and miss you tons. Don’t have to
much fun without me! ha Have a great week!

Elder Mayans

Mom- hey! I don’t know exactly when I’m calling but its not for another
few weeks. I know that I’m allowed to skype or call and it doesn’t have
to be exactly on mothers day. Could be any time around it. Love you!

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