Monday, April 7, 2014



Familia Mea!!!

It has been one off those..... crazy weeks again and I don’t know where
to start. haha I feel like my whole mission has kinda changed in the
past week and its has been awesome but a little overwhelming.

First off, I am now in the big city of Bucuresti. Its so weird to
actually live here and there are so many people. Unlike Galati and
Craiova, we actually have to use public transportation because
everything is too far. We are now taking buses and metros everywhere
which is fun. It gets really interesting when 100 people are at the
bus stop and everyone fights and pushes to get on. ha So many
different smells are on those buses I don’t want to go there. ha Our
apartment is horrible. ha not going to lie, it’s really small but I will
live. It does have a great location right next to the church which is
super convenient. Right next to the chapel which is weird to say but we
have an actual church buildings here. Its been really nice though. I am
still really lost around the city but luckily I have Elder Hokkanen
who knows where to go. For now I’m trying to memorize all the bus
numbers and routes. Elder Hokkanen is a really good guy and a hard
worker. He is Finnish which is awesome and we have a lot of
interesting conversation. I think we will get a lot done this
transfer. We have already had 2 lessons this week which is a lot more
than I usually have. haha We had a first lesson with a guy today which
was awesome. He really liked our message and wants to learn more.
Always a good sign. :)

So For this week, After traveling to Bucuresti on transfer day, I
pretty much just had to do a bunch of busy work and unpack which took a
long time.

Thursday we had a long leadership meeting at President Hills house for
about 7 hours. It was really good but I was mentally exhausted
afterwards. It was a meeting with all the Zone Leaders and Sister
Training Leadership and we just talked about all the things that are
going to be happening this transfer.

On Friday we went to out first district meeting with my new district.
We have 8 missionaries in our district which is double from what I had
in the past. 4 elders and 4 sisters. We have really good group and are
planning a lot of really good goals to achieve as a district. Also, we
have a zone training meeting this Tuesday which we are in charge of
for the whole zone so we have been planning a lot for that. The main
focus this transfer for the mission is The Book of Mormon, building
unity with your companion and members, and family history contacting.

On Saturday, we had really bad weather so it was hard to go contacting
but we English contacted as much as we could. Just like before we are
trying to get as many people to those english classes as we can. The
mission gets so much success form the classes that it’s really
important to take the time and advertise them. Saturday night we were
able to go to the chapel and watch a session of conference.

Yesterday, on Sunday, we were able to go to the church and watch all
the conference sessions all day. I saw most of it in Romanian but they
were so good. Those men have such a strong spirit with them and they
speak with power. I learned a lot and it was really nice to get to watch
it. I wasn’t able to watch last conference.

So yeah that’s the majority of my week. We had a lesson with the guy I
mentioned earlier today on the restoration. It went really well. Well, I
love you all and I hope everyone is doing well and had a great week.

much love- Elder Mayans

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