Monday, April 14, 2014

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 Hello everyone!!! It has been the longest week of my life. It
has gone by really slowly but I can’t complain because we got a lot of
things done. So to start off..........

Tuesday we had Zone Training meeting which was pretty good. We had the
entire zone come down and we talked about all the goals and activities
we are going to be doing this transfer. Elder Hokkanen is great but I
have noticed he likes to lead and do everything himself. It’s a little
hard to deal with but I’m still doing a lot and we had a great meeting.

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with one of the AP's, Elder
Rodenberg. It was a really fun exchange and we got to talk and try out a
lot of different things. We went to Hedestrou Park which is so
beautiful and contacted for a bit. Then we had to drive a pair of
Sisters to a lesson outside of Bucuresti and sat in on that. They were
really poor a begged a lot but the sisters taught a really good lesson
and I think it helped them a lot.

Thursday is was pouring rain all day so it was really hard to contact.
We got together as a district and played a little game of Block Knock
English contacting. It wasn't really a game, it was more who contacted
more people wins. And we lost because nobody opened up their door.
haha That night we went over to a members house. Elder Hokkanen
teaches her the piano while I sit there and talk to the husband. It
sounds a little weird but the husband isn't a member but is so cool.
We just talk about life for a long time and the church is always
brought up. I heard he really likes me which makes me happy. The
member is actually Philippine and he is Romanian. We mostly talk about
family and I guess just life in general. We went by there twice this
week which was really good.

On Friday we had District Meeting which was great as always. Elder
McAllister is a really funny guy and come up with a lot of great ideas
for our district. Our district made a lot of really big goals and it’s
going to take a lot to accomplish them. Then we walked around downtown
Bucuresti and put up posters everywhere for English. We had some girl
from Moldova follow us around for about 3 hours. She was nice and
loved to talk but it was a long time. ha

On Saturday I went on another Exchange with Elder Mcallister. We had
so much fun together and really worked hard. We get along really well
so it’s easy to do missionary work with him. We went to the park again
and just talked to a lot of people. Nothing crazy happened but people
were interested and said they would come to English class.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was soooo AMAZING!! It was the first time
meeting the branch because last week was conference. It is really
different to see a lot of members and a branch that functions on its
own. The members are great and really faithful. It was fast and
testimony meeting which was super good. I was going to get up because
it was my first Sunday but we ran out of time. I got to get use to
having 3 hours of church again. haha

SO that's my week, we are actually meeting with a guy today so we will
see how that goes. I am so busy and always exhausted but its so worth
it and a lot of fun. My sleeping time is so precious to me. I never
knew how important is was until I wasn't able to do it all the time.
ha Well I love you all. Thanks for all the love. The Church is so true
and I have a strong testimony that if you really live the gospel of
Jesus Christ, your life will be filled with joy and His love. Easter
is this week and it is a great time to really think about the Savior.

Elder Mayans

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