Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter in Romania


Hey Family!!! I wanted to send you a lot of pictures but now I don’t
have that much time to write. But the pictures say a lot and it was a
very, very fun, productive week.

So first off, Happy Easter!!!! Sounds like you all got together again
and had a lot of fun. It was quite fun over here too. President Hill
gave us permission for us to go to an orthodox Easter service. The
service started at midnight and it was really interesting! ha If I can
put it like that. The picture I sent you is Patriarch Dannel who is
one of the most important people in Eastern Orthodox. We thought it
was going to be a lot different but it was just a lot of talking and
praying and people crossing themselves. They also got a candle and
from this one candle people passed is around and by the end of the
night it was all over Bucuresti. It was awesome.

So this week was full with a lot of stuff. I think it’s better if I
just go day by day and it’s easier for me

So Tuesday we had to go to an apartment that is closing down in
Bucuresti so we had to go clean it which took a long time. After that
we had a lesson with Marian. It was our second lesson with him and
went really good. He wasn't really sure about the Book of Mormon last
time so we decided to really talk about that and explain more. He asks
a lot of questions and the lesson went really well. He accepted the
Book of Mormon and said he would read it. Hopefully he really does
read it and recognizes the spirit that comes from that book. Right
after the lesson we had our first English class of the transfer! It
went really weak. Elder Hokkanen and I are teaching medium level. We
expected more people to show up but that is the way it is. Our class is
pretty much half a bunch of old grandmas and half awesome young
students. We got a few potential investigators from a few of them so
hopefully they will agree to take some lessons.

Tuesday night we headed up back to Craiova to do an exchange with the
Elders over there. So on Wednesday we had the exchange. I was with
Elder Brundage and it poured rain all day. It sucked but we went into
a few blocks and contacted. We focused on Jesus Christ and the true
meaning of Easter. We also picked out a few scriptures to read from
the Book of Mormon when we contacted them at their doors. That was
pretty cool and it is something that I haven't tried before.

Thursday we were back in Bucuresti and had interviews with President
Hill and the Assistants. That went well and I feel like everything is
going really well this transfer. That night we had an Easter Activity
open for the public. We most just sang songs and showed video clips. A
good amount of people showed up and I thought it went well.

Friday we had District meeting which was amazing like always. It’s
always good to be in a good, close district. After that we went less
active contacting for a long time. We have about 600 less active
members here in Bucuresti. haha yeah it’s a lot so we are really trying
to see if we can find them and get them back to church. Most of the
time we don’t have all their information to find them so it’s an

Saturday we had english class again. Not many people showed up because
of Easter so we just played Apples to Apples. Great game and they all
loved it. We did less active finding again on Saturday but didn’t find
anyone. That night we went to the Orthodox Slujba which was a lot of

Yesterday for Sunday we only had one hour of church. Then we went
contacting a bunch at 3 different parks but nobody was interested.
That’s mostly it. Today for p- day we played soccer and I am so tired
right now so sorry if this email isn't the best. Love you all and the
Church is true!!! Don’t be afraid to write me. I can never get too many.

Have a great week!!!!

Elder Mayans

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