Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello Family, friends and fans!!!!!!


Im am really excited to tell you about my week this week because it
was one of the best and i have so much to write about. So lets get to

As you know from my last weeks email, it was the last week of the
transfer so transfer board came out and we know all the information
for the next transfer. Iv been in Craiova for about 6 months so more
that likely I would be transfered. And i did!!! Drum
Roll....................Ill be going to Bucuresti, the capital of
Romania!!! And I am so excited! So a little information about the
mission in Bucuresti. There are 2 parts: The Mehai Bravo side and the
Panduri side. I will be serving on the Panduri side with Elder
Hokkanen. Elder Hokkanen is from Finland and is a really hard worker
so it should be great. Also we are the zone leaders for the Bucuresti
West section. Yeah Zone leader! It caught me by surprise too but im
really excited and it will be a big growing experience for me. Also
the zone has 4 cities so I will be traveling even more and going on
exchanges with all of them. It will definetly be different then how
its been in Galati and Craiova because there are decent size branches
in Bucuresti. I sure we will have a lot more activities and we will be
able to work with the members more. transfers are on Wednesday so i
will be moving them.

In the mean time in Craiova i have been saying good by to everyone i
know. I actually know a lot of people around the city and they are all
amazing people so it was hard to say good bye. Also we had our last
english class and they were all sad that i was leaving. haha there so
nice. They also made sure to tell me all the things I need to see and
visit. haha Im sure I will get to see it all but they still dont
really get it that we cant just do whatever we want. they have been
really good and een though they arnt very interested in the Gospel
they love us and they love to Spiritual thughts, and the English of
course. Ha English classes in Craiova are the best and in going to
miss that.

So now this week we had a little trip a little out of the ordinary.
There was a previous investigator that use to live in Bucuresti but
moved back in with his parents in a village in the middle of nowhere.
This man had been keeping in touch with a elder that has been home
since 2006. so yeah a really long time ago. Anyways he contacted the
missionaries saying that he really wants a visit and has been
struggling with a lot of things. So since Elder Brundage and I havent
had a busy schedule as far as investigators go, we asked President
hill if we could make the trip to visit this man. He let us do it. So
he lived in a village called Trocani about 30 minutes outside of a
city called Turgu Jiu. (dad you should google search it it is soo
awesome) It total its about 4 hours of travel time. We were thinking
twice about making the trip because we wernt sure if he actually
wanted help or if he wanted money. we decided to go and IT WAS
AMAZING!! After going down a dirt road in the middle of Romania we got
to his house which was basically a little shack and a kitchen which
was outside. Then Pigs and Cows surrounded the place. We had an
incredible lesson in his little house and it was definitely lead by
the spirit. We didnt know exactly what we were going to teach because
we didnt know his situation but it just went so smoothly. He is having
a really hard time not receiving answers to his prayers and he is
really depressed. We talked to hi mostly on the Atonement of Jesus
Christ and love. We also gave him a blessing of comfort. He was great
and we met his parents which were the most village (la Tara) people i
haev ever met. Im pretty sure the mom had a full beard and the Dad had
2 teeth. He grunted a lot and I didnt understand one work he said. We
were really happy that we made the trip out there and it was one of
the best experiences i have had on my mission so far. He called the
next day to thank is again. He was very grateful. The hard thing is
that he lives so far away that the missionaries cant visit him very
often or never. we are going to keep in touch with him by phone.

On Sunday we had church. It was very small because the Spooners are
out of town but like always it was great. I gave another talk to say
good by and thank everyone. I talk mostly about the importance of
scriptures and how we can use them the right way. I was a little sick
and it wasnt amazing but it was ok.

Well thats about it for this week. I will be even more busy this next
transfer so it will be fun an interesting. I am really excited to go
there and its great to be in the Big city for the summer. There are so
many people walking the streets a lot of things to go. Love you all!!
have a great week!

Elder mayans

P.S. Dad i finished that book that you sent. It was great and a good read.

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