Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Mayans this week in Romania


Hello family and friends!!!

Well, it’s Monday again and it’s the last week of this transfer. It’s
going by way too fast like always. So this week was a very busy week
filled with a few new things and some of the same stuff like English.
English is going good still. We have a smaller class of about 10
people this transfer but they are great and love to learn English and
listen to our spiritual thoughts. Actually just this past Saturday we
had an activity right after English class so that if they wanted to
they could stay. We played minute to win it games and it was soo much
fun and really funny. I have the most amazing videos of Romanians
trying to eat an oreo cookie off of their foreheads. haha It was nice
to have more people at our activities.

Also this week on Thursday we went down to Bucuresti for Zone
Conference!!! It was sooo good. We got there on Thursday night and at
the train Station in Bucuresti I ran into Connor Cunningham! He was my
companion my 2nd transfer and went home about 3 months ago. He didn’t
tell anyone that he was going to visit so it was a big surprise for me
to just run into him. It was really good to see him and we got to
catch up far a little bit. That night I had one of the worst nights of
my life because my air mattress popped in the middle of the night.
haha But on Friday we had Zone conference which was really good. We
are going to be trying a new form of contacting in the mission
directed at families and Genealogy. It’s different but President Hill has a
lot of really good ideas and we are excited to try it out. It’s a little
hard to do that in Craiova though because there are only 2 active
members and there is no computer for family search.

Yesterday was a really good Sunday. We had a really good sacrament
meeting and the spirit was very strong. The Spooners are back in town
with their daughter and nephew so the congregation was packed! Ha. Also,
the Sisters had one of their investigators come to church which was
good to see. He said he would come to our church if we went to his. So
we did and last night we went to the Pentecostal church. It was a
really good experience so go. Things are a little different and it was
interesting but it was good. It was nice to see people who were
actually religious and showed faith in their church instead of
everyone just saying that they are orthodox but never going to church.

I love being a missionary and I’m a happy man! Romania is treating me
very well and I’m staying busy which is good. This week I will be
taking an adventure as I go out to a village about 2 hours outside of
Craiova. There is a guy who has met with the missionaries a long time
ago and wants to meet with us. This is also the last week of the
transfer so I will know about everything that is happening next week
and I’ll keep you updated! Love you all and thanks for all the e-mails!!

Elder Mayans

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