Monday, May 26, 2014

Romania up-date


Sorry you guys had a little bit of a rougher week. That’s cool that you
were able to spend some time with Scott and Liz, they’re great. Tell him
I’m still just livin the dream.

This week was a little slower than others. Nothing too big happened and
the people we had lessons for bailed on us. Just the way it is. We do
have a promising lesson this Tuesday which would be tomorrow! It’s
going to be with a less active member with 3 of his friends so if it
goes through then it will be great and we might be getting a few new
investigators. I’ll let you know
 what happens. I know I said that last week but I really do think
these people really want to meet with us so it should be great :)

So just a little recap on this week. It has been sooo, sooo hot!! I am
dying in church clothes! ha I thought I would be used to it by now but
nope, I’m not. haha It has also been raining every once in a while which
makes it really humid too. I always seem to have a beverage in my
hand. This week we continued to do a lot of English because we really
want a good turn out. Usually it’s a lot bigger near summer because
less people are in school and people have more free time. Instead of
parks we hit a lot of streets and different parts of Bucuresti.

Also on Friday after district meeting we had this 15 year old boy walk
into the church. Elder Poulsen and I attempted to walk up and talk to
him and then he just started talking about all the things he knows
about our church. It was so random and incredible. haha He talked
about the whole first vision and all of the doctrines in our church.
Then he blew my mind when he started talking to us about the Urim and
Thummim and baptism for the dead! haha This kid was 15! It was
actually really impressive and he didn’t really let us speak, he just
wanted to tell us everything he knows. After he was done we invited
him to come to our sports night and got his number so that we can
contact his parents. He also wanted a Book of Mormon so we talked
about that and gave him one of those. It was something that completely
took me by surprise and was unexpected but it was cool. I have noticed
that a lot of kids are more open and say that our church is not as bad
as everyone says it is. haha Maybe there is a big generation of a lot
of youth joining the church in Romania.

On Saturday we had a different experience as well. In the morning we
help out with a youth activity that was at the church. It was all the
youth in our district so it covered a big part of Romania. About 20
youth. It was mostly about the for strength principles and things like
that. It was really straight forward but really good and everyone was
really into it and learned from it. The Youth program here is small
but awesome and they are really strong members. I look up to them
because most of their family and friends abandon them and make fun of
them for being members. After that we played board games with all of
them and soccer.
Then the same day after the activity we went and did service at the
Church farm!!! Instead of a Bishops Warehouse, Romania has a farm here
for members who need help with food and things like that. I have never
been there before but its about a 45 minute drive outside of
Bucuresti. We went there and it was really hard work. There were a lot
of plants and weeds but we hacked at the dirt for a few hours and made
some rows to plant some vegetables. We planted some tomatoes and
peppers. I got blisters all over my hands. The best part was that we
found a few lost puppies out in the fields and played with them. ha
I’ll send some pictures of that.

Church was great on Sunday. We had to translate and also we taught the
Gospel Essentials class for the second hour. It was really good and
there were a lot of investigators there so we had a lot of really good
discussions. We talked about enduring to the end.

I’m loving it out here and having such a good time. If feels so good
and rewarding to serve the Lord 24/7. It’s a once in a life time
opportunity and it makes me so grateful for my Savior and His Gospel.
I couldn't do it without Him. Have a great week and I love you all!!!

oh and an old man called me a witch this week. haha I told him I wasn’t

Elder Mayans

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