Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Mayans in Cluj, Romania


What Up pops!!! haha That’s so sick that you guys are in Florida and then going to the Bahamas. I'm super jealous and make sure to say what up to all the Cubans for me. One thing I miss is wearing my Cuban gold chain. haha I'm putting that bad boy on right when I get home.

Well It was another great week here in Cluj. I'm loving every minute of it and we are doing a lot. It doesn't really show that much in numbers but I've been extremely tired every night. It's great and it makes me fell good to know that I'm working hard.

The main thing we did this week was do some more less active work. The missionaries and the branch planned a huge activity this Saturday and we are putting a lot of time into it and making sure everyone comes. We made invitations this week and then just yesterday we went around and visited all the less actives and invited them to the activity.

We are still meeting with Vasile once a week. The lessons have been great but he's not progressing too much. The problem is that he knows too much but he doesn't want to make the decision to be baptized. Well he does but he wants to move very slowly. English classes are still greater than ever. Our class loves us and they get so excited for English. haha I try to make them feel good by saying they speak English like a native. haha They're so funny.

Also this weekend we went with the branch up to Oradea again for a fireside. The temple President from Germany talked to us and the members in this part of Romania. It was a really good fireside and he had a lot of crazy stories.

Well everything is going well and Busche and I are still getting along very well. We are sad that we will probably be splitting up next few weeks because it's not very likely to be together for more than 2 transfers.

I love you and miss you all. Have a great week!!

Elder Mayans

This is my boy that I pet every day on our walk to church :)

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