Monday, October 13, 2014

Teaching the gospel through chalk art


Hello Family!!!

This letter might be a little short because not a crazy amount went on this week. I have also had a little cold all week which has been really annoying. Nothing serious but I’m glad its almost gone now. This week we had another amazing activity on Thursday night. This time we made brownies and played games. We had a good amount of investigators show up along with a few members. We just started these activities 2 weeks ago and they are already a lot better then how they were before. The branch is getting more and more united which makes me feel good because I feel like most of my work has been focused on helping the branch.

Also this week we got to finish up watching General Conference! Wow it was amazing. You can just tell how much they have the spirit with them and that what they are saying is directed to help us. I learned a lot from it. Speaking of Conference we had another lesson with our boy Vasile on Friday night and he wasn’t able to come to the church to watch conference so we went to his house and talked to him about prophets and apostles. We also showed him how to watch conference of the Internet and then we watched Richard G. Scotts talk. He loved it and we talked about that for a while. He’s been around for the past 12 years so we are just trying to support him and remind him of why progressing is so important.

Last night we did zone chalk contacting at the park again. It got dark really fast but we talked to a few people and had fun with that. We will be going to Oradea again this Saturday for a fireside up there. That’s about it for this week. English is still going very well and our students love us! haha They have been staying for out spiritual thoughts which have been great. We have a few potentials with some of them.

I love you all!! Have a great week. Pet Chester for me!!!

Elder M

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