Friday, May 24, 2013

Friends and Family,

  If you want to write Jacob at the MTC  it is really easy.  Go to   It will have a place to click write a missionary. When selecting a mission select  PROVO MTC.  His box number is 164 and his departure date is 06/11.  That is all you need .  Then type your letter and they will print it off and deliver it to him by the next evening for no charge.  It is a pretty awesome service.  Here is another great letter.  It made his mamma cry (ya thats me)!!!

week 3!!!!!!!!!
Woooohoooo!!! Hello again family and friends!!! I cannot believe this is week three for me!! From today I am exactly half way done with the MTC!! It has gone by so quickly. It's little a scary to think that I'm going to be in Romania in just a few weeks.
So this week has been absolutely amazing! The Spirit is teaching me new things every single day. The main focus we had this week was the docterine of Christ and faith. I love learning more everyday and I feel like even though I know it I learn more every time. Also, I'm beginning to love the scriptures so much more now. It's so useful to use scriptures in lessons. It's really cool because if someone asks us a question about something we know right where to go in the scriptures to answer the question. It's so much fun.
Dang its really hard to think about what to write because this week has gone by soo fast. So basically the average day is filled with teaching us about 60 percent gospel teachings and 40 percent language. We learn a few things about different grammar principles for the language and if feels like it never ends! haha I love learning though and each day is so productive. So for example if we learn how to say certain things in Romanian we have to include it in baring our testimony or teaching a lesson. It really forces you to master it.
Another thing that has been on my mind and is something we have talked about this week is the people out there who are looking for this Gospel. We have talked about how this life is a test and everyone is at different points all trying to get back to our Heavenly Father. To me that reminds me that we are just trying to get them back on the path. The path that they want to be on but just dont know why. I'm so thankful for this opportunity I have to do that and serve the Lord.
I love everyone so much. You guys have been so good to me and have given me so much support. Thank you for all the letters you have sent me, they really help each day to be even better. Well, again I love you all and I love this gospel so much and there is no where that I would rather be. The Church is true!

Oh so by the way, I have learned a little bit more about Romania this week by my teachers and I thought I should share because its really funny. So everyone I guess calls Romania the Mexico of Europe. haha. I know you guys know that there is a lot of poverty there but also there are no opportunities for jobs. So they said that basically everyone that you will meet is either moving out of the country or wants to. Also, during the summer just to get away, many families go one a 3 month vacation and just leave the country. Also, on every single street corner there is a shoe shiner and a tailor! haha so that's good for me. My shoes will always be polished with a nice Romainian spit shine haha. Thats about it! By everyone

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