Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jacobs 2nd letter

Week 2

Hello Family and friends!!! How is everyone doing?? I’m trying to think of what to write but there has been so much and I don’t want to repeat myself. So sorry if I say the same thing twice.

So I officially feel official now. It was a big transition coming into the MTC but now it feels like normal life. Ha ha it’s been probably the longest two weeks of my life. Just looking back to when I got dropped off feels like forever ago because so much has happened. The first week was soooo slow and the days felt like weeks but now that I’m getting the groove of things its starting to speed up. It’s great and I love everyday I’m here. During the day I sometimes think about what I would be doing right now if I wasn’t on a mission and nothing seems as important anymore. I know this is where the Lord wants me to be at this point of my life.

So some stuff I didn’t mention is my first letter. In the MTC we do practice lessons with our teachers and fake investigators. My first lesson I did was the second day I got here! And it had to be in Romanian! It went well but it was interesting. I’m pretty sure they just did that to us so that we would understand that there is no way of learning this language without the Lord. I have taught I think about 10 lessons now and each one is getting better and better. I take notes to look at during my lessons to help me say certain things but every lesson I feel more and more comfortable. I take a lot less notes with me now and I can express what I want to say a lot better on my own. It’s still hard, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a goal for me in the next week to be able to teach without any help. I get nervous for every single lesson but I kind of like it. haha. It makes it more of a challenge and I look forward to it everyday. I know the Lord has blessed me with the Gift of Tongues and I can already see it working. It’s pretty amazing. The only thing that makes me mad is that one of the girls in my district is a straight up GENIUS! It amazes me how much she knows but its ok, everyone learns at different speeds.

Last night we had our Tuesday night devotional and guess who came and spoke to us!!! Russel M. Nelson!!!! It was soooooooo good!!! It was a really neat experience. Right when he entered the building, the entire room went completely silent and we all stood up. It was so cool and his talk was very inspired. He talked about missionary work and all the people that are cheering for us, even the ancestors of the investigators on the other side of the veil. The way he put it made me very excited to serve and love all the people I meet in Romania.

Lastly, today is P-day so we went to the temple! I love the temple so much I feel the spirit every time I go. I’m going to miss going to the temple in Romania but hopefully we can teach and convert so many people that they have to build a temple. haha I guess that is a positive way to look at it. Well, I love you all!!!! Please, please please write me. I enjoy reading every single one of your letters and I’m sorry if I don’t respond soon. I try my best but its hard to get any extra time. I love and miss you guys. You’re in my prayers. The church is true. I know it with all my heart. I’m so grateful for the knowledge that I have of the Gospel and I want to share it with others because it will bless their lives just like it has blessed mine. 
PaPa ( means bye bye in Romanian)


-Mom and dad hope you guys had fun in Hawaii... ha ha you guys would go to Hawaii right after I leave :)
-Mom, happy late mothers day! I love you
-and I sent a little hand written letter to Ben today but I don’t know his address so I just sent it to the house.
- and of course do some spell check, I try to type fast.

Personal funny fact!!! Ha ha so the first time I gave a lesson I was super nervous but it went well so I shouldn’t have been nervous. But afterwards my companion and I went in the hall and all the sudden I ran and threw up in the trash can!!! Ha ha it’s the start of the funny mission experiences- just thought the family would enjoy that!

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