Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jacobs First Week at The Missionary Training Center

Elder Grochmal meeting us at the MTC
Romania District
Jacobs companion Elder CLoward
Every Missionary has to ahve this shot

Hello family and friends!

How is everyone doing!!! I don't even really know where to start because everything has been so amazing!!! I love being a missionary and I feel old! It's weird. This week as you can imagine has been a huge change in my life and it takes getting use too. But I feel now that I have been at the MTC for exactly a week now I'm starting to get the hang of things. I love it here. Everyday has been filled with the spirit and it really does make your day so much better. And now that I'm waking up at 6:05 every morning (because our district is the first district to have gym :/ ) each day is so long. So lets see going back on this week, so much has happened. As you guys know, Ryan was my host and met me at the curb, which was so cool.  I registered and he showed me around and then he took me to my classroom to meet my teacher. I walked in the room and my teacher just started speaking Romanian to me super fast -it was crazy! I had no idea what he was saying. ha-ha Then later that day we had our first orientation meeting which was so cool because it was all the missionaries that entered that day all in the same room. The spirit was so strong as the MTC president and councilors bore their testimony and testified how important missionary work is and how happy the Lord is for us to go on a mission. It got me really pumped for the work but you guys know me I've always been excited to serve a mission.

So actually right before that meeting I met my companion! His name is Elder Cloward from Salt Lake City. Ha-ha. I would have to say we have completely different personalities but somehow we work very hard and got along together. He is always either super funny or super spiritual. He has a really good heart and a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

So my room has four people in it. The others are Elder McArthor and Elder Reed. I like them a lot too. We as a district work very well together and get a lot of things accomplished. Oh yes, so districts. As you guys already know there are not very many missionaries that serve in Romania so there is a total of I believe 11 Elders and 2 sisters that are here right now which I guess is a lot more than normal!!! My district has 4 elders and the 2 sisters and the other district has the other 7 elders. Our two small but strong districts are so awesome! We have a lot of really good people and we need it because our zone is the Romanians and the Italians. And the Italians out number us 50 to 13! ha-ha

So the Romanian is very hard but it’s coming along pretty well!! The teachers are very good and their way of teaching us is by never speaking English!!! At times it is very frustrating but every day I can understand more and more!! I can now bare my testimony, say a prayer, and make little small talk!!! I know that this wouldn’t be possible without the Lord because there would be no way I would be able to learn it in ^ weeks!! Yes, I know only 6 weeks. I leave to Romania June 11. As I think back I remember that I have only been here for a week. Its crazy!!

I don't have much more time so lastly I wanted to talk about Sunday. Sunday was such a good day. It was fast Sunday but before Church started it was MTC conference. The speakers were amazing and I was really comforted that this is where the Lord wants me to be. I know this is where I am suppose to be but is was really nice just to have the spirit comfort me. I know this church is true with all of my heart! I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my Savior Jesus Christ. This week, my teachers have touched a lot on how none of this is for me. I am to loose myself and bring souls unto Christ. It’s a huge task but I know with the Lord, anything is possible.

I love all of you so much and I hope everyone is well. I miss you guys but I can feel the love that you guys have for me. If anyone gets a chance send me letters!!! What makes missionaries happy are letters!!! ha-ha but really after a really long day its nice to read letters from you guys!!!  My Mailbox number is #164!!! The Church is true!

- Tia thank you for the huge box of food!!! It’s amazing and everyone in my district is so jealous! I told them I have the most amazing Aunt
-Elder Reed in My district has the same exact mole on his chest. We bonded right at that moment!

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  1. Way to go, Jacob! I remember my first week in the MTC as one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences. It's amazing how drastically different you feel the Spirit now that you're set apart, and taking part in the Lord's work. Just remember to crave to learn everything that your teachers have in store for you. Be curious and ask questions - they are literally your best resource during your six weeks there!
    Good luck, and keep everyone posted as your wonderful journey continues.

    -Thor Oxnard