Monday, September 9, 2013

Another installment in the Life of a Romanian Missionary

Hello my beautiful Family!!!

Before I start on what I did this past week I want to write back to everything that you guys have been telling me.. Well, I guess that’sjust mom. But anyways it sounds like it was a really busy week with the summer ending and school starting. I can’t believe Sarah is now going to Travis Ranch! Still remember when I went there and it doesn't feel like that long ago. And it was Sarah’s Birthday!!!


SARAH!!! I can’t believe you are 11 years old!! That is crazy. When I come you will be almost be 13 and probably taller than me! I hope you had a great birthday and got all the things you wanted. And if you didn’t there is always Christmas. I heard you went to Sea World and also had ribs and potatoes! Good choice. I want to know that you are the best sister ever. I love you so much and I miss you. Sorry I didn’t send you a birthday present. I tried but it is really hard to send things. I hope you have fun going to Travis ranch and being a big Junior High Student! Love you, bye

As for this week it has been filled with some crazy stuff. President wrote me this week and said that he put me with a young missionary because he thinks I can handle it and says I will learn a lot from struggling. Ha-ha President Hill is amazing and I feel like he is trying to help me as much as possible but I thought it was funny that he said I would struggle for sure this transfer. Elder Anderson came in last Wednesday night so we have been with each other for about 5 days. The first few days, no matter what, always take a little getting use to. Elder Anderson is a funny guy from somewhere in Utah. He’s really energetic and loves to stay busy. This week I have gotten the vibe that he is still in a back home state of mind and isn't always focused on what is important. It makes it a little hard sometimes but I really am excited to work with him and learn from each other. We have also been making great food together. 

So this week Anderson and I have done a lot of walking around the streets to show him the city while talking to people/giving out English cards. English classes start on the 17 so we need to get as many as we can out there as possible. Last night we went to a park a little outside of where we usually are on the main roads to pass out some English cards. I passed out a card to this one guy with his daughter and then all of the sudden 7 gypsy kids started running up to me and asking for money or what ever I was giving out. They were super annoying so I gave one of them one which was a huge mistake. Then they all wanted one so we started to walk away. Most of them didn’t follow us out but a few of them kept crying, screaming, begging and punching us for about a quarter of a mile. I had enough of them so I told them all to leave and stop following us. It worked and it actually surprised me that I could get mad at someone while speaking Romanian. Through all of it, Elder Anderson just stood there and did nothing. Ha-ha Yeah, that was a little out of the ordinary thing that happened. 

On Sunday, church ran fairly smoothly. It was the first Sunday with a new branch President (Elder Poulsen) and new missionaries so we tried to function everything as best as we could. One of our members, Fratele Dumitrescu, told us in Priesthood that he saw Jesus Christ outside his window. We still aren't to sure about a few of the members but when he said that, Poulsen and I looked at each other and where like what?  I also gave another talk during Sacrament meeting. I spoke on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and on the blessings that come from using the Atonement in our lives. It was a pretty straightforward talk but I felt like I did a good job. I have really seen my language skills improve from first transfer. 

So this next week we are going up to Iasi for zone training meeting again. I have to give another presentation about contacting with the Book of Mormon/different approaches. It should be good and we will also be making new goals that we can strive to accomplish this transfer. Edward and Bianca went to the Black Sea for about 5 days so we will see if we can meet up with them some more when they get back. We have stayed in contact with them and I am feeling good about their progression. 

Well, I love you all. Thank you for all that you do. I can never stop saying that I love to be a missionary. It’s a lot of fun and I feel like I am getting closer and closer to my Heavenly Father every single day. Have a great week and stay safe. 

Elder Mayans

P.S.- There is a pretty big riot over here right now. In Russia they are doing a lot of strip mining which basically means that they are destroying mountains and because the Romanian government doesn’t really care, they are planning on going into Romania and doing the same thing. A lot of people are protesting and it gets crazy at times. I’ll send some pictures. 


Mom- yes I got the package and it is wonderful!!!!! 

Sarah- Happy Birthday again!!! Ha-ha

Dad- I haven't heard from you in a while. How’s work going? And Louie? 
  So in Romanian a very common way a word ends is with "lui" which is pronounced "louie" so when people speak it sounds they are always talking about a guy named Louie! Ha-ha 

Chester- Love you boy. Hang in there!

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