Monday, September 30, 2013

Rough week

Hello!!!!!!                                             9-30-2013

So this week has been absolutely insane!!! Literally everything has
changed. So, I don’t really know the best way of
saying this but here it goes. So my companion has been
home since Saturday. And when I say home I mean he went back to
America! Earlier this week something snapped in his brain and he just
wanted to leave. From what I got out of it, he had some personal
issues he never cleared up but also he just wanted to go home.
President is really nice and understanding and for most situations
he would let you clear up any issues all out here. But obviously there was more than that. So yeah crazy stuff. Honestly I knew that there was something up because all transfer something just didn't feel right. I couldn't figure it out but I guess I know now.

I now have a new companion. His name is Elder Whitehead and he is
sick (meaning awesome). I’m super excited to be with him and it should be a lot of fun.

Elder Mayans


 So we had district conference last week and then we
went back on Monday. Then because of the situation with my companion we
had to go right back down to Bucuresti on Thursday morning. Down
there, I mostly was with the assistants and my new companion. I just
spent a lot of time in the mission office and also helping Elder
Whitehead pack. Oh, also, the assistants and President and Sora Hill
went on a plane to Arad for zone conference and I drove them to the
airport!!! haha. It was so weird!!!! It was flipped around and I was
the one saying good-bye to President. It felt weird but it was
cool to spend some time with them.

So my new companion is awesome!!! He’s been on the mission for a little
less than a year. He is really tall….about 6'5 and he is from
Colorado. He likes a lot of the same stuff as I do and he is really
funny. I’m looking forward to everything and it should be much easier.

So this week we are going to Moldova for Zone conference!!!!!!!! I’m so
excited. Actually we are leaving tomorrow!!!! I am giving another
presentation. haha they keep picking me!! I have done something every
single conference! ha It’s ok though, it helps me learn more about
different things. Love you guys. Thanks for everything. Sorry this
week was kinda lame. I’ll talk to you next week. Love you all.

Elder Mayans

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