Monday, September 16, 2013

Jacob in Romania 9-16-2013

Hello!!!                                             9-16-2103

Hello again. Another week has passed by and things are going great.
This week has been filled with a lot of English contacting and Book of
Mormon contacting. It has been really slow lately because it has been
raining off and on over the week and nobody is out. Also, school
started up this week so most people were out of town before school
started. We have been doing most of our contacting as a district and
just trying to get the word out as much a possible.

Also, I mentioned last week that I was going up to Iasi for Zone
Training meeting. It went very well and our Zone leaders are a lot
better this transfer. We made a lot of great goals to help us work
hard this transfer. On top of that, President is changing the "Key
Indicators" so that we will now record the number of Book of Mormons we passed out and also our prosilyting hours. This mission is really hard in terms of numbers because most weeks, everything is a zero. S0, now nobody will have all zeros anymore and It will help us see how much we are doing.

On top of all the things we have been doing this transfer is a lot of
meetings. We have had  to travel somewhere once every week this transfer. We have District Conference next week and then Zone conference in Moldova the following week, and then watching General Conference which we don't know where we are going yet. It’s going to be hard trying to organize ourselves when we are doing so many different things but it should be fun.

So about Edward. Edward is doing great but it has slowed down a little
bit because it’s a lot harder to contact him. This last Sunday was
pouring rain so only about 10 people showed up to church. Edward showed up for the last hour. That was great to see and after church I talked to him and told him that we would really like to teach him a little bit
more about our church because he come to church all the time and seems to enjoy being there. So I asked if we could meet with him and he said
that school is really in the way now and he will try to come to
english classes. So, I’m hoping that maybe we will be able to have a
little lesson with him after english this week. I think he needs it
all laid out on the table and if it goes well we might even extend a
baptismal commitment.

Speaking of church, church has been crazy lately!! It is really hard
with all new leaders but we manage. I am now officially the branch
clerk and take care of most of the paper work. This transfer has
tested me a lot on my Romanian because a lot of the members have
questions and you have to say something back to them. haha Also, Elder
Poulsen who is the new Branch President has only been out for a little
less than a year so the language is still hard. But we are trying the
best we can and I would say it’s going pretty well.

I love being a missionary. I am so happy out here and I love my Savior
so much. I love being a member of this Church and the happiness it
gives me. I would be so confused and lost in the world if I didn't
have the guidance and direction it gives me. I love you all so much. I
miss you and hope all is well.

P.S- On a side note I haven't been mentioning anything funny or
interesting about Romania, soooo...

-Everyone loves to ride around town on roller blades.

-There was a bush on fire last week at night and nobody was around
it... we put it out but it was really weird because it was right next
to a bunch of bushes and trees.. that could have been bad.

-This drunk man on the street walked up to me and started talking to
me. I couldn't understand most of things he was saying but he tried to
trade ties with me and steal my pen.. haha

- There have been a lot of concerts going on in the streets because
everyone is partying before schools starts up again.

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