Monday, June 30, 2014

Cluj-napoca Romania


Hey everyone!!!! I don’t really know how to start. ha I feel like I have this problem every week. ha-ha So many things went on this week and I feel like my entire mission changed again. So I’ll start on transfer day which was on my birthday last Wednesday! It was crazy to have my birthday on transfer day because it’s always just a really wild day but I actually had a lot of fun. There were a few Elders that I’m really good friends with that were down in Bucuresti so we all went out and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. ha-ha There’s nothing like having a nice American burger on your birthday. Then I finished packing up all my things and that night I went on an 11 and a half hour train ride to Clij! The train ride was a lot more fun that I expected but I still didn’t get any sleep. The four Elders is my district shared a cabin on the train which has four tiny bunks to sleep on. It felt like they were made of plywood they were so hard and of course they didn’t have the air conditioning going so it was boiling!!! I barely got any sleep and my arms hung out the window of the train so that I would suffocate. ha

So now I’m in Clij and I love it so much!!! It doesn’t even feel like I’m in Romania anymore because it’s a lot different than what I’ve been use to. The city is beautiful with really old churches and theaters everywhere. I’ll send some pictures but make sure to google search Cluj-napoca cuz my camera isn’t good enough. One big difference is that there are a lot less blocks and more houses and villas. It’s great. The people are a lot more polite and they have there own way of living here.

Oh, I also forgot to mention my new companion. I know I already said who my new companion is going to be but I didn’t really know him then. He’s a really good guy and a lot better than I was expecting. Not that I was expecting it to be bad but he’s a little interesting. The hardest thing is that I don’t understand one thing he says!! He mumbles soo much! ha It’s bad... A lot of times I just nod my head in agreement because I have no idea what he said and I’m tired of asking what every sentence is.

As for this week, I’ve been learning the city and doing a lot of English contacting. It’s been a lot of fun and Clij gets crazy at night. There have been public concerts playing in centru every night for the past 3 nights! Tonight Billy Idol is playing. ha-ha There are a lot of college students here so this city is filled with a lot of shops and bars and things like that.

And lastly, yesterday was the first time meeting the branch! It is one of the best branches I’ve been in so far. They are all really nice and have a lot of kids. ha The Branch President is really young and loves the missionaries. I’m really excited to get to know them more and work with them. During Sacrament meeting, all the new missionaries got up and introduced/bore their testimonies so I got to do that. Time really does help with the language. There is a Sister missionary in our district who has been out for 3 days so its weird to see the difference. I remember when I was in that same situation. I hated it. ha-ha Time fies though.

That’s about it for this week in summary. I love you all and thanks again for all the birthday letters and e-mails!!! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Mayans

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