Monday, June 2, 2014



Hello my Beautiful family!!!!!!!

I don’t have an absolutely amazing email to write this week because I
don’t have much too say but everything is perfect and I couldn’t ask for
anything better. So for the most part I’ll just quickly recap on a few
things that went on. Oh it also sounds like all of you are great and a
lot of things are going on. I love all of your emails.

So first off we were able to have a lesson this week with someone. It
was a little interesting but good and it’s a good story. These three
guys came to church a few weeks ago out of nowhere and stayed the
whole time. We talked to them for a little bit and figured out that
one of them is a member but is inactive and nobody has ever seen him
before. They seemed really nice so we got their number and they were
willing to meet so we said we would call them. Then for the next few
weeks we tried calling but the number didn’t work so we just thought
they gave us a fake number. Then last week I decided to call one last
time before giving up on them and for some reason they answered and
were like why haven’t you called us?! ha We were like yeah we tried. ha
Anyways, so we went over to their apartment on Wednesday to have a
lesson. Their block was really far away on the other side of Bucuresti
but was super nice. It turned out that this member, Dan, brought two
of his friends and his girlfriend over so that they could listen to us
and become Mormons. ha Long story short, they were not interested at
all except for one of his friends who actually payed attention and
took a Book of Mormon. Everyone else was kinda joking around and doing
whatever they wanted. So we talked to them for a while and then gave
them a restoration lesson. After we finished, Dan was like ok now tell
my friend here about the word of wisdom, and my girlfriend here about
the law of chastity. Elder Poulsen and I looked at each other and were
lie ok... It was kinda weird but hopefully his one friend wants to
know more so we can meet with him privately.

Then that night we got on a maxi-taxi to Alexandria again to go on
another exchange. So Thursday we were there with a few Elders. I’m
pretty sure I’ve told you about Alexandria before but its a really small
city with about 2 streets. There are not too much to many people that live
there but the missionaries have been finding a lot of success

Friday and Saturday we had a lot of just busy work to do because they
tried to scam us on our apartment bill so we had to do a bunch of
stuff for that. Plus, it started to rain a lot this weekend so nobody
has been outside. Saturday night we had someone from the Area seventy
come and talk to us and the members about family history and more
things we can do with that.

Sunday we had church which was really good. I think Sundays are my
favorite because you get to see all the members in action. The members
are great here and it motivates me to work harder when I see them
because church is struggling here and they need more members so bad. I
had to translate again which was hard as always but I enjoy it. Also
there was a couple that came to visit from America. He served here
about 11 years ago and it was cool to talk to him and his wife. They
were crazy and you could see that he was really excited to be back
visiting his mission.

Sorry, it’s not the most interesting week. I’m doing great and miss all
of you guys so much. Have a great week and all talk to you next
week!!!!! The Church is true!

Elder Mayans

Mom.. hey I don’t know if you have sent my package but if you haven't
can you put something in there that will help me not be so tired. Its
been a lot worse than just being tired from being out all day. I’m like
literally trying not to fall asleep sometimes. haha If you could do
that that would be great. love you!!! best mommy ever

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