Monday, June 9, 2014

Epic Week


Ok so here it goes! Crazy epic week this week and I have a lot to say.
I’ll try not to write too much but we will see how it goes!


On Tuesday of last week we had to do some less active work. We had
three less active members that we needed to visit but we never get all
the information on exactly where they live so it is always an
adventure and we ask a lot of people for directions. We searched forever
and couldn't find anyone! It was really frustrating. After a few hours
we were super tired so we decided to take a little break and sat on a
park bench. While we were there this random guy walked up to us and in
perfect English said, who are you guys and what are you doing here? We
were like well that is a great question. So, we told him how we are
missionaries for our church and we talk and teach people in Romania
more about our church. Then he basically said, yeah that’s great and I’ve
seen you guys for the past 15 years and I always wondered who you
were. He also said that he has been having a tough time lately and he
could use some help from the man upstairs! It was amazing!! We were so
happy and got his number. He’s probably around 25 and super nice. He
also almost started screaming when I told him I was from California!
haha He was very jealous. ha We are super excited about him and we
think we are going to at least have a few lessons with him. Right
after that we went to English class which also went well. After class
I talked to one of our students about our church and he took a Book of
Mormon and said he would read it! At the end of the day on Tuesday I
was really happy and I haven't had that much success in one day in a
long time!

Wednesday we had an exchange with the APs. I was with Elder Lex from
Austria. He’s great. We got invited to lunch from a member in our
branch. His name is Brother Lee, he’s from korea and his whole family
is living here in Romania for three years due to English. They are the
people we mostly translate for every Sunday. Anyway he took us to
Pizza Hut and it was soo good because he bought so much food and kept
saying, I think we need another salad, I think we need another pizza..
Its ok?? haha It was hilarious!  He doesn’t speak English very well but
we mostly talked about Korea, his family, way and ping pong! haha He
said in broken English that I am number one ping pong player in my
section of Korea! ha So I have a match set up to play him this next
week, I’m nervous but we will see how it goes. haha JK I’m going to get
destroyed by a professional Korean ping pong player. haha Then the
rest of the exchange we just did some contacting in the south part of

On Thursday we got on a train and headed up to Pitesti for another
exchange. Yup two exchanges in a row. Unfortunately because the train
times were a little messed up we didn’t get very much time up there but
with the time that we had we went to their district meeting and did
some contacting around the city. It’s a little weird in Pitesti right
now because all of their investigators that they have right now live
in a city about 45 minutes outside of Pitesti.

Friday, we had district meeting which took a very long time and wasn’t
very good. The district is good but everyone kinda does whatever they
want and we are not very united. The sisters most of the time have
crazy ideas that always conflict with everyone so since Elder Poulsen
and I are so close we usually just do are own things. That night we
had Friday sports night which was really good!! We had the most amount
of members show up and also we had a few investigators. It was a
blast. We just played soccer and then had a little spiritual thought

Saturday.. I don’t remember.

Sunday- was really different. In the morning we went to Brother Dobre
house and picked him up for church. Brother Dobre is a really old man
in a wheel chair. We are going to be wheeling him to church every week
from now on. It’s a pretty good walk too, about 30 minutes. He’s really
funny because it’s hard to understand him and he always tells you where
you need to go and what you’re doing wrong. Romanian streets and
sidewalks are a piece of junk here so it makes it really difficult with
a wheelchair. Then we had Sacrament Meeting which went well and then
Poulsen and I went with a few members to a little village outside of
Bucuresti (about 45 minutes) and had another Sacrament Meeting out
there with a few members and some of their friends who aren’t members!
It was amazing and were were in a tiny house in a village having
church service. Epic moment! Then they fed us some delicious foods.
soup, mystery meat, and some greasy potatoes. Incredible!!! Once we
got back to Bucuresti we went to another dinner appointment. I
probably got fed the most this week. We went to Sora Gorzos house
again, that old lady member that I sent a picture with about a month
ago. She’s still doing great and we are actually going to do some
service with her this week and clean her house.

Today for P day, because it was so hot, we went bowling at the Mall
and then went to McDonalds.... again. It’s cup season here in Romania. A
free coca cola cup with every purchase of a meal. 6 weeks, 6 cups...
gotta collect them all. ha

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!! As you can tell I am
still very busy and getting a lot of things done. We also have Zone
Conference coming up again this week on Wednesday so we have a lot of
planning to do. The Church is so true and I love being a missionary!
Nothing like it.

Love you!

Elder Mayans

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