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First off Mom that’s so cool to hear about your experience with Ednas
granddaughters and also her neighbor!!!! You’ll have to tell me how it

I don’t have a lot of stories to tell for this week. It still was a
really good week but we also had a lot of busy work to do because we
had Zone Conference here in Bucuresti and since we are the Zone Leaders in this city we had a lot of things we had to do. We still had a lot of fun with it though and had some good experiences.

Sooooo, let’s start on Tuesday.

Tuesday we had a lot of things to do... so Elder Pouslen and I were in
charge of getting the food for Zone Conference on Wednesday. This was
the last Zone Conference that we would have with President Hill before
he goes home so of course we had to go all out. We ordered food for
about 60 people at a place called Passion which was on the edge of
Bucuresti. The President from our branch told us that he likes that
place a lot so we decided to try it out. It was amazing!!!!! Everyone
was so happy and it was by far the best meal we have had at Zone
Conference! haha President Hills a great guy so it feels good to make
him happy. haha Also at Zone Conference about 6 missionaries gave
their good bye testimonies because they go home next week. It’s always
cool to see other missionaries talk about how much they have changed
on their mission and how fast it went by. It seams like most of them
at that moment truly realize what they have been doing the past few
years and that they are actually going home.

On Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Daland. We went to Sora
Gorzos house again to do some service for her. She told us that she
would call other missionaries but she doesn’t like them as much as us.
haha I love how she’s so straight forward. If people don’t like someone,
they will tell you who they don’t like. haha So yeah we were there for
a pretty good amount of time. We mostly beat her rugs outside on the
rug racks... They were so disgusting!!!!! So much hair and dirt!!!
After that she fed us some food. The meal was I would say ok but my
stomach didn’t agree so I had the runs for the next three days. I’ll be
straight farward with you just like the Romanians are with me. haha
yeah maybe its a good thing that we don’t have very many food

Friday was filled with district meeting and sports night with the
branch. At district meeting we talked a little bit with the branch
President and we came up with a few new ideas to have the members involved in missionary work more. We are going to give them some old names from our area book to some of the members and they are going to try to contact and visit them. Elder Poulsen and I a little later had to
write up some reports for President Hill on every ones status in the zone and what would be good for next transfer.

Saturday we had a really good English class. We have a lot of fun moms
in our class that make it much more alive instead of it always being
quiet and awkward. Romanian are such funny people and we get to
experience a lot of it when we teach English because most of them open
up. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Marian. We haven’t been able
to meet up with him in over 5 weeks but he finally answered his phone
so we got to meet. We talked to him a little bit about what’s been
going on and if he was able to ever read the Book of Mormon. He
clearly said no and that he is not very interested. So we told him
that if he has any questions or wants to know more in the future to
call us. But yeah we dropped him. It’s ok, it happens.

Sunday!!! Really good Sacrament Meeting!!!! I had to translate for
Sacrament and then teach the Sunday school class. There were a lot of
people in Sunday school class so I was a little nervous. We had a lot
of solid investigators in it too. It turned out to be really good. We
talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy and a lot of the
investigators participated and had a lot of questions. Good stuff!! We
even had this one lady we never saw before raise her hand and say that
she is very happy she came to this church today and I would like to be
a member of this church if I can in the future! All of the
missionaries faces in the room were in shock. haha it was awesome and
it was funny because President and Sora Hill were in the room but had no
idea what was going on because they don’t understand Romanian. haha

That’s the week!!! I love you all and hope your getting ready for
summer!!!!! It going to start getting really hot here so I got to get
ready. haha I miss you and you’re in my prayers!

Love, Elder Mayans

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